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CFR Buckbag and Dimebag

CFR Buckbag and Dimebag

In 2008, when I used my snowmobile for everything, including a chairlift for skiing, I came across some incredible products by Cheetah Factory Racing (CFR).  I purchased a Double D rack and Single Ski attachment to tote my equipment above the clouds.  When I wasn’t skiing, I used and abused my DD rack, lugging around a five gallon gas can filled to the brim and for the most part, brought it home without using a drop. Over the last seven years, I have dropped, jumped and hauled more things than you can imagine with this system. Jump ahead to the present, three snowmobiles later and guess what this guy still uses as his primary source for carrying gear and gas?  That’s right, my CFR DD rack is still holding strong and looking no worse for the wear.  These days, I do more sledding than skiing and I have learned a few things over the past decade or so.  One of them is that you can never have enough storage space on your ride, especially when you guide, film and instruct in some of the harshest winter environments in Canada.

Last season, we managed to get our hands on some of CFR’s storage bags, the Dimebag and Buckbag.  The Dimebag is designed to fit three of their flagship racks, the DD, iRack, and Mountain Rack.  It is affixed easily using Velcro straps that wrap around the tubular bars in four locations to ensure a secure fit.  This bag features a large internal pocket with heavy-duty watertight zippers, to give you peace of mind that the contents will stay nice and dry.


  • Professionally used and Approved By Dan Treadway and Travis Rice.
  • 10 Liters of waterproof carrying capacity.
  • 3 layer laminate construction with waterproof zippers.
  • Built in velcro straps secure The Dime Bag into the CFR DD, i and mountain rack nice and tight.
  • Designed specifically to be used in CFR DD, i, and Mountain Racks.
  • Inside pocket for holding wallet and other valuables.
  • Attached key hook keeps keys in a safe place.
  • CFR snow/ice scraper included.

The CFR Buckbag is one hell of a handlebar bag, period.  It looks sharp, is extremely durable and is big enough to carry a DSLR camera, phone, redbull, and a set of keys, all while staying slim and unobtrusive on the bars.  Like its big brother in the back, it has no trouble keeping your valuables dry in the most inhospitable weather.  As mentioned previously, this bag is large enough to carry all the essentials and have them right at your fingertips.  It is extremely organized, with what seems to be more zippered pockets than my wife’s purse!


  • Ripstop waterproof fabric
  • Waterproof zippers
  • 7 external pockets
  • 2 internal pockets
  • External pockets ready for OEM manufactures heater bars, (heaters not included)

There are not many products that survive the torture test of a snowmobile.  If you ask any avid snowmobiler, bags strapped to the tunnel are usually reduced to threads, or bouncing into an alder bed within a ride or two, no matter how or what it is tied down with.  The Cheetah Factory Racing system is secure, tough and watertight and if you are questioning durability, I have a 7-year-old DD rack that will vouch for their “built to last” motto.

www.cheetahfactoryracing .com

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