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Habervision Goggle Review

Habervision Goggle Review

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That should be the slogan for Habervision Goggles.  I’ll admit, when Andrew approached me to demo & review these goggles I was a bit of a skeptic. The main reason, I had been wearing many of the industry leaders in Ski goggles up to that point. What I didn’t know was these goggles were about to become the ONLY pair I even consider wearing when the temps dip below -20 and you’re steaming like a rutty bull’s breath on a frosty fall morning.

If you ride hard you know how tough it is to prevent buildup steam from the inside of your helmet and goggles.  When you can’t dissipate that steam, your lens ices over in seconds and if you cannot see, well, you cannot ride either!  Introduce the Haber Eliminator Auto Fog Fan.  Yes, that’s a mouthful to say but it should be.  This little fan is the crème de la crème of these goggles.  What is it exactly?  The Haber Eliminator Auto Fog Fan is a little AAA battery operated fan located in the upper foam of your goggles.  With a little moisture sensor it senses the moisture and kicks the fan on, sucking the steam from the inside of your lens and dissipates it to the outside air.  Bye-bye steam!  With 3 modes on/auto & off you can adjust it to your needs.  If you’re straight-rippin’ and the sweat is running down your back, click the little button over to the Always-On mode.  The fan will stay on until the battery dies.  My favorite setting is the Auto setting.  In this setting the fan kicks on and off dependent on the amount of moisture it detects. Being comfortable when you ride is paramount to your progression.  Worrying about your gear should be the last thing on your mind.  The Protex High-Grade polymer frame matched up with the dual polarized lens, fits comfortably and is the right shade in all lighting conditions.  One of the biggest feats all snowmobilers deal with is having clear vision.  During early-winter months the cloud cover is usually low and socked-in.  The sunlight with this type of weather is the ideal combination for low-vis, extremely flat lighting.  The double-layer yellow lens shines in this sort of lighting.  Out comes the sun.  No worries.  Break-out the polarized bronze lens and you are good to go!  There are a bunch of different reasons why we love these goggles.  The double layer lens, the Fog-eliminator fan, the snug fit into your helmet that keeps those brisk, frost biting gaps from damaging your skin.  But it’s the combination of how all of these things work together to keep you comfortable and seeing clearly that we like so much.  Not to mention they look sharp too!

If you are having difficulties with ice build-up and seeing clearly we highly suggest you give these goggles a try!  You’ll be surprised just how well they work and how much less you worry about your goggles.

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