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Gros Morne Cabins | Rick Endicott

Gros Morne Cabins | Rick Endicott

Rick Endicott – Gros Morne Cabins (Rocky Harbour, NL)

Tell us about your Gros Morn Cabins?
Our cabins are overlooking the ocean in Rocky Harbour. You’ll find an onsite convenience store , Laundromat , beer , Crafts , Conference room , BBQ hut for groups , Fish market next door in season and of course we have WiFi.

Tell us about why you love snowmobile guiding so much?
I get to meet great people and have a laugh with the beginners, but for the most part I just enjoy sledding, be it guiding or simply out for a fun day of riding. When I guide, it’s a day of fun, snow and scenery.

Growing up, did you always want to work in the Snowmobile (winter) Industry?
I loved snowmobiling as a kid and I still do, so when the opportunity was there I was ecstatic that I could spend my working days on a snowmobile.

What have been some of your biggest challenges over the years?
Trying to get my name out there for both Gros Morne Cabins and myself as a quality Backcountry snowmobile guide.

Who have been some people that have mentored or guided you over the years?
My dad…he introduced me to snowmobiling and business.

Is your operation a family run operation, which family members work with you?
Yes it is. My dad, sister and my daughters – we’re all involved.

We know you’re a die-hard snowmobiler, what are you riding this season?
2013 Summit at the beginning and when it gets crusty going I’ll be riding my 2011 RMK Assault.

What have been some of the biggest changes you have seen over the years?
The weather has certainly changed. The snow comes later these past few years and is leaving earlier. I can remember in 1986, in November, there was no snow but the ground was frozen solid so when the snow came it stayed well into spring.

What’s a key advantage of winter tours based from Gros Morne Cabins?
We can leave from the cabins and be at the main Gorge (Western Brook Pond Gorge) in 20 minutes. Most folks don’t realize there are actually four Gorges in there…if they want, we can explore all day and never cross our own tracks.

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