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Munster Finger Throttle

Munster Finger Throttle

Every now and again, a product enters the snowmobile market and creates quite the stir.  Lets face it; people are not that into change.  When a new snowmobile design or platform comes to market, the majority of people; even the brand loyal, are very negative in their judgment and most often because of the way something looks.  I try to keep an open mind when a new product or idea crosses my path, simply because I’ve been VERY wrong and pleasantly surprised more often than not.  The only way to truly advance in product development or refinement of the sport is “out of the box” thinking and innovative ideas.

On to the newest and most controversial products to hit the market, the Finger Throttle. Andrew Munster of Whistler, British Columbia owns and operates Munster Precision Metal, the makers of the finger throttle.  It just so happens that he is an avid snowmobiler and is also quite capable behind the shutter.  Since its inception, there has been quite a bit of chatter on social media and various websites, some positive and well, some not so positive.  Generally speaking, any press is good press right?

I was fortunate enough to flex my index finger for some of the best early season riding I can remember and after logging some seat time, I have formulated my honest and tested opinion.  I was very excited to install this product so as soon as it arrived, to the garage I went.  The install is actually quite simple, detach existing throttle block and install the new “finger throttle”.  I did have a small hiccup when removing the existing wires to install the new ones for the heated grips; this was largely due to my misinterpretation of the instructions.

This product is certainly well built and not just a throttle block in a reversed position, like I have heard mentioned.  The finger throttle is designed for forward operation (but I will add, works just fine the good ol’ fashioned way) The forward thinking design allows for:

  • A straight pull to the handlebar with ONE finger.
  • Increased grip on the handlebars for more control.
  • Easy transition for riders with a motocross or mountain bike background.
  • For new and experienced riders alike.
  • Radial snow evacuation (R.S.E). We have all been there with the throttle pinned wide open due to snow packing into the traditional lever. Munster carefully designed the throttle to provide maximum snow evacuation for less TPS problems and unnecessary ghost-riding.

The biggest improvement that I’ve noticed over the stock thumb lever was my grip. It’s a basic principal really, our thumbs are there to put opposing pressure against the other fingers enabling the hand and fingers to grip, climb, or make a fist.  One of these is the Power Grip.  This is when the fingers (and sometimes palm) clamp down on an object with the thumb making counter pressure. Examples of the power grip are gripping a hammer, opening a jar using both your palm and fingers or hanging on to your bars for dear life.  With the finger throttle you now have a “POWER GRIP” on your snowmobile, which is paramount especially if you’re riding in the backcountry.

I will be quite honest and say that I didn’t notice any transition to the finger throttle on my first ride and felt very comfortable and natural right out of the parking lot.  I did notice some discomfort while sitting down on the trail ride due to the angle of my wrist and finger, this could be cured with a little adjustment to the throttle block or by simply standing up.  Once we reached the end of the trail and the technical terrain was upon us, this is where the new design really shines.  I found myself having greater control on the bars, which resulted in more direct and precise maneuvers.  It eliminated the dreaded and awkward right hand side-hill and made navigating the technical terrain, that much easier. I have also been trying to program my brain to use one finger on the brake at all times but have been struggling to do so consistently.  With the finger throttle installed I found myself locking a finger on each leaver and leaving them there, because that’s where they belong.

I truly believe that the Munster Finger Throttle has taken my riding to the next step by simply refining the way I control the sled, increasing my grip and greater response to feedback from the bars.  I truly believe that the Munster Finger Throttle has taken my riding to the next step.  I will tell you this, it’s not for everyone but my advice to you is, don’t knock it until you try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.  There is so much more I could say on this topic but Andrew Munster says it best, visit for more information.  #Getagrip

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I was born and raised on the West Coast of Newfoundland in the great town of Deer Lake, where I currently reside with my beautiful wife Susan and our little boy, Jay. With winter lasting nearly 7 months on the west coast of the island, snowmobiling was a way of life; it was even my ride to and from school for the better part of my childhood years. My passion for snowmobiling really came to life in 2005, the year I purchased my first “real” backcountry sled. From that day on, every waking moment was all about snowmobiles and everything surrounding it. The freedom and exhilaration cannot be matched and having those moments spent with some of greatest guys/gals I know, make for memories that will never be forgotten.

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