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Frankensled Trail Finder

The owner of Frankensled, Randy Eswasko hit the nail on the head when naming the Frankensled “Trail Finder”!  Earlier this season we spent two incredibly deep days venturing into no-mans land searching for new zones and fresh untracked snow.  I’ve used my Trail Finder many times in the past but I can honestly say I’m not sure what I would have done without it during these particular trips.

On our first day I led our large size group of 9 sleds into a special zone which usually has above average snow and many unique terrain features from steep technical creek beds to sparse trees and open valleys.  It took 3 parts of the day to venture about 6 kms – as the crow flies – with the snow being neck deep or deeper and an affiliate of 9 sleds.  We decided to turn back and head out as the sun began to set, knowing there was still some tricky terrain to navigate to get back to the trail.  Shortly after we turned for home, we were faced with 3 or 4 sleds buried to the handlebars in a steep gully.  Before long the sun had set past the horizon and the dark was upon us.  Thankfully, this is exactly the type of situation where the Frankensled Trail Finder shines (pun intended).

In the dark, when you are navigating through the trees, even on the trail, your field of view is limited to the direction of your headlights.   95% of sledders are always looking ahead to see the next obstacle or your next line which is much harder at night because your headlight is never pointed exactly where you need to look.  I have to say that one of the best features of this light is it’s ease of use.  Reach into your backpack, pull out your Trail Finder LED light-sabre, click it into the GoPro mount on the top of your helmet, press the button and BOOM, night riding just became 100 times easier, safer and most of all – more fun.  There are also 3 different intensity levels which is nice when your stopped in the night taking a breather so you don’t accidentally shine it into one of your buddies eyes blinding them.  Did I mention this thing is crazy bright?

The Frankensled Trail Finder is not your average flashlight.  It packs a Mike Tyson (in his prime) punch with 840 lumens which is intensely bright.  Not only does it shine wide but very far – 300 + feet.  You can clearly see this light shining further than your stock headlights.

In a nutshell having a Frankensled Trail Finder in your pack is almost a necessity.  The ease and multitude of use is what makes this little unit so bad-ass.  I use mine for just about everything from sledding to dirt-biking, hunting, salmon fishing, hiking, camping, you name it.  It’s waterproof, tough as nails and comes with a sweet little kit with all sorts of GoPro mounts and clips so you can mount it to just about anything.

If you spend any time in the backcountry, having one of these in your pack is a must.  Seeing “bright in the night” is what the Frankensled Trail finder helps you do.  For more information on these units contact Randy at

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