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Meet The Gang… 2016 Writers Rip

Meet The Gang… 2016 Writers Rip

Earlier this February, back when we had snow, we had a chance to get some of the Sledworthy Magazine writers together for a trip.  Our base for the trip was the well-appointed Humber River House (Deer Lake, NL).  For both of our ride days, we departed from Cormack and all riders got their fill of deep pow…the conditions at that time were great.  Maybe we had too much fun because after that trip, the conditions in Newfoundland went in the shitter.  This has definitely been the worse winter I personally can ever remember for the Island of Newfoundland.  While enjoying this time with the gang, I asked them all to tell the readers of Sledworthy what snowmobiling meant to them.  Here’s what they all had to say.

SnowmobilingWhat it means to me

Carving a turn in deep powder after a big snowfall or Side-hilling a slope without an escape.  Discovering what is around the next bend.  Enjoying the great outdoors in the winter.  There are three things that come to mind when thinking about what snowmobiling means to me.  Initially I consider of the THRILL of having so much horsepower underneath you.  The contentment that comes from carving in deep powder, or running a sweet side-hill after a fresh snow, is probably my favourite feeling.  Moreover, I have a weakness for the ADVENTURE of backcountry riding; not knowing what is over the next hill, or around the next bend.  Snowmobiling opens up the backcountry and areas that are largely inaccessible for the rest of the year. The final thing that comes to mind is RELAXATION.  There are very few things in this world that serve as a better stress reliever than riding my sled.  Salmon Fishing come in a close second, but I can’t do that in the winter. Getting outdoors and enjoying nature is the pinnacle of relaxation for me!

Steve Sheppard – St. Anthony (NL)


What snowmobiling means to me

There is no better feeling in the world then being able to get out and ride a snowmobile. You are out in the open air, complete with awesome sights and scenery that nature provides.  You can go places and explore many areas that are inaccessible with any other type of motorized vehicle, there is so much beautiful country, and wildlife to see and enjoy!

Snowmobiling is also about camaraderie and riding with some of your best buddies. It’s about getting together and having a good time. Joking around with one another about who had the worst stuck of the day and how many times you had to get pulled out of a stuck. It is also about the destination and where you get to ride. In Newfoundland we have some of the best scenic areas that can be accessed on a sled. It’s also about the long-lasting friendships that are forged through the trips over the years.

Ryan Pretty – Paradise (NL)


What does snowmobiling mean to me

Snowmobiling means so much to me that it is difficult to summarize. I struggle to think of another activity that creates the same dynamic as riding a snowmobile, it simply combines everything I love. As winter sets in each year, we are left with the gift of a landscape that allows us to access areas that are otherwise very difficult to reach. We are able to explore our breath taking province in a way that can accommodate any rider. Weather you enjoy trail riding, mountain climbing, ice fishing or back country exploring, snowmobiling can satisfy. I personally love all these things, but back country riding is my favourite. I love pushing myself and my buddies to learn new technical skills that allow us to maneuver a sled through more challenging terrain. I love going off trail and navigating untouched country to reach a new destination and take a path that not everyone will follow. We push ourselves into difficult terrain, get stuck, and sometimes break our machine. We are able to rise to every occasion and figure out a way to solve the problem and keep riding. I love riding with people who haven’t reached my level yet and showing them that a sled can do so much more than they ever thought. I especially love riding with people above my level because they show me what else a sled can do and  I learn from them. I think that’s what it is… it’s limitless choices of how you want to ride, and striving to improve and perform better than last year. Constant challenge, constant reward, and constant fun, I think this is the best way I can sum it up.

Life is short, winter is shorter, get outside and ride!

Steve Furlong – CBS (NL)


What does snowmobiling mean to me

What does snowmobiling mean to me? My first thought would be the powersports cliche, Freedom! However, I can say it is so much more than that. It means adrenaline, from getting the blood pumping with that challenging line through the trees, that drift hit or pushing beyond my comfort level. It’s a new appreciation for nature’s beauty after climbing that hill and being able to look for miles, basking in the breathtaking landscapes that would be otherwise unknown to me. It means camaraderie, not just with the people I ride with, but the snowmobile community as a whole. The world of social media has made friends of fellow riders all over the globe that share this passion of mine. Simply put, snowmobiling in my world means, Happy Me!

Chris Tuck – Gander (NL)


What does snowmobiling mean to me

When people ask why I love snowmobiling I instantly replay my favourite rides, places and riding buddies but I always come back to one feeling stating that I love the freedom it offers.

Freedom, the word that most sums up what snowmobiling means to me.  The ability to explore over the next hill, down the next valley or carving thru the next field. Thanks to the endless miles of Crown land that we get to enjoy, snowmobiling’s unrestricted access offers a freedom that few other activities can match. Beyond the land access privileges that we enjoy in this province, snowmobiling is a personal and mental escape as well, for those hours spent riding, nothing else matters and all external responsibilities disappear, whether it is trail riding, backcountry boon docking or stopping for a fire break, all that matters is the ride. The friends, places and experiences are truly memorable but the freedom to explore and leave all distractions behind make snowmobiling my personal escape.

Tom Caines – Gander (NL)


What does snowmobiling mean to me

Picture this – It is minus 100C . The sun is just coming up. The sky is blue. Not a draft of wind. There is 2 feet of fresh powder on the ground that sparkles under the sun’s rays. The trees around you struggle to carry their heavy loads of snow yet provide plenty of room to craft a new trail.  That image and/or reality provides me with a wonderful opportunity to escape an otherwise very busy life. As an entrepreneur, I find it difficult to turn my work off. It is always top of mind. Snowmobiling is one of a few activities that provides me with a total sense of escape and freedom from an otherwise very busy life. There are very few boundaries. Mother nature sets the stage. Respecting her wishes.  Point the skis and go.

Kent Sargent – Torbay (NL)


What does snowmobiling mean to me

I have been a die-hard snowmobiler for most of my life.  However, what the sport means to me has changed over the years.  As a married father of two boys, snowmobiling can mean anything from a family excursion into the woods to a full on West Coast (of NL) experience with the guys.  It is the rush you feel speeding across a pond, climbing a steep hill, side hilling (or in my case attempting to side hill) above a treed valley below.  Yet at the same time it is relaxing, something that allows me to put all the worries and stresses of life out of my mind for a while.  I even find a release by staring at my screensavers at work, which usually include photos of me on my sled or of scenery and places visited on my snowmobile.  It is about family and friendships, good times on the trail and in the backcountry.  I must admit when my limits are being pushed (as they sometimes are on trips with the guys), it can even be stressful, but in a good way.  The thing is, snowmobiling is not only about the experience on the snow, but also the experience getting there and back and about the good times had with great friends and/or family at the cabin or lodge in the evenings.  It is the eager anticipation we feel as we prepare for the next ride or next trip, excitedly talking about our plans.  It is the pleasure we get from telling stories about trips gone by, which may or may not involve a little embellishment.  So snowmobiling means so much more than just a ride on the snow.   It is truly is a part of my DNA.

Jason Silver – Paradise (NL)


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As a kid, my passion was always snowmobiling. As a bigger kid, my passion is still snowmobiling. I am a positive person. I am enthusiastic about life and challenges, both in my personal and business worlds. My wife Shannon and three kids; Jack, Alaina and Kate are my world. Their understanding in the winter months is admirable…but as the kids get older, I am excited about introducing them to a sport I love to share, snowmobiling. As I have gotten older, I have concluded that technical riding will keep me on the hill or in the trees for a long time. Riding with the Professor (Bret Rasmussen) helped me understand that. However, getting first tracks on a favourite slope really gets me pumped and I still like laying down a good challenge to the younger riders around me.

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