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Motorfist Cornice Gear Bag

Motorfist Cornice Gear Bag

When it was time for me to order a new backpack I decided on the Motorfist Cornice Backpack. In the past I used to jam everything in the one compartment and it seemed what I always wanted or was looking for was buried at the bottom. Before even filling this pack up and trying it on it was quite easy to see this pack was made for snowmobilers.

The bag is designed by Ogio International and features a snow science tool organizer panel for hauling hand tools, a fleece-lined pocket for goggles and one for your phone. There is also an internal and external pocket for a shovel and probe. The main compartment is spacious and includes a separate compartment with a chinch cord to keep your gear from bouncing around. Vertical pockets on the sides of the pack add more options for gear storage and the pack can accommodate a HydraPak hydration system as well. It also features an adjustable waist strap, and sliding sternum strap making the backpack extremely comfortable even while carrying a 15-20 lbs load on your back. The bags total capacity is 225 cubic inches, which is a large amount of storage space for a backpack.

This is what I currently carry in the backpack with room for more stuff as well:

  • a shovel with telescopic handle
  • an extra pair of gloves
  • two pairs of spare goggles
  • tools like spanner wrenches, pliers, channel lock pliers, screwdrivers and a full Cruz tools kit
  • various extender arms and mounts for my GoPro camera
  • a tow rope, fire starter, snacks, water, GPS, cellphone, and camera

I’ve been riding with the Cornice Backpack for about two months and I am extremely happy with it.  My gear always stays dry, even when it’s snowing and raining. If I were planning a longer journey, there is room to carry more gear, and the adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt allow me to shift the weight around to what feels comfortable. The soft padded back keeps gear in my pack from digging into me while I’m riding. At first I thought it was a little bigger than what I wanted, but now I find it just right. You can carry a massive amount of gear and barely notice it’s there, it carries the weight very well.

The only negative is that if you are a shorter person the bag is rather long and might be resting on your seat, thereby placing more pressure on your lower back and shoulders. My suggestion would be to try on the pack before you buy it. I give two thumbs up to this backpack, it is light years ahead of the old backpack I used to carry around.[/wlm_private]

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