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Cover Girl: Kristen Morrissey

Cover Girl: Kristen Morrissey

sledworthymagvol11issue03_coverFor the second year in a row, the cover of the April edition of Sledworthy Magazine has showcased the winner of the “Cover Contest”.  This season’s winner is Kristin Morrissey.  Kristin receive the most votes and we’re also super stoked because this is the first time a female has been featured on the cover.  Congrats Kristin!

SW: Tell us more about you….who are you?

Kristin: I’m 23 years old, from Conception Bay South. Love adventure and the great outdoors. Aside from sledding, I love travelling & spending time on the water.

SW: What’s your day job?

Kristin: I’ve been a Personal Care Attendant for 5 years. I’ve worked in both acute & long term care.

SW: So why snowmobiling?

Kristin: I think the feeling of progressing at a sport is what attracted me the most. This was and is something I want to continue to learn and progress at.

SW: Who introduced you to snowmobiling?

Kristin: Growing up, all the kids on my road were into riding everything and thankfully the machines were available to us.  But I can’t say I really got into snowmobiling until my husband and I bought our first sled, a ’09 500 ss. Shortly after, he got a machine of his own and the 500 ss was my baby for three years.

SW: What sled do you ride now and why?

Kristin: I’m riding a 2013 Summit X 800 146″. I love my sled and the places it can take me. I really enjoy the narrow ski stance of the Summit, its perfect for carving in the powder and side hilling. Also, you gotta love the e-tec engine.

SW: How serious are you and husband about snowmobiling?

Kristin: It’s all we ever wanna do! I will sometimes get off work, leave to head West late at night, grab a couple hours of sleep and head right into the backcountry.  We can’t justify spending a full day driving, to lose out on a day on the sleds.

SW: How much has your riding changed over the past five years?

Kristin: When I first started riding I would find myself at the bottom of that hill that everyone was hitting and sticking to the groomed trail mostly. Now, I’m looking for that hill of my own! I’ve been lucky enough to attend three of the Sledcore Ride Clinics and I can’t give enough thanks to those guys! Jonathan, Evan and Andrew are the best teachers and motivators. They have taught me all kinds of skills and techniques to use in the backcountry.

SW: Last season, you became a Divas Sled Gear ambassador – tell us about that?

Kristin: Excellent experience getting to talk to so many ladies that share the same passion as I do. I had the opportunity to test out their gear and their 2016 line is absolutely amazing!  It’s designed for ladies by ladies.

SW: What’s new for this season?

Kristin: I really want to work on improving my side hilling and to get out riding as much as possible.

SW: Are some of the boys embarrassed when you out ride them?

Kristin: No, I don’t think so! They’re impressed I think, when I can keep up. All my buddies are so supportive.


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