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Troy Burt Follow Up

Troy Burt Follow Up

Sledworthy recently had an opportunity to ask Troy Burt one question… “so, what’s new…?”  Here’s how it went:

I won North America’s top snowmobiler back in February, thanks to Supertrax Magazine and Ski-Doo for everything they have done for me and the wonderful experience.

I had so many people in Canada behind me and our beautiful province pushed very hard to put me on top! I can’t express how thankful i am to everyone who took the time to vote and share the contest on Facebook and other social medias.

I was flown to Dallas, Texas to the 2017 Ski-Doo dealer show to pick my Ski-Doo of choice. If you ever get the chance to attend a Ski-Doo dealer show its something you’ll never forget! BRP doesn’t cut corners! It was crazy! So many of the biggest names in snowmobiling were there and i got to shake hands and say hello to them all. I picked a 2017 Summit X 154″ T3 with the new 850 etec engine! This will be a machine i’m expecting to change the mountain scene.

I’m going to Haydays the weekend after labour day to promote North Americas top snowmobiler and speak about my brand and my cause 5ToesRiding. Haydays will be crazy and i can’t wait to meet everyone again and hopefully build some great long lasting relationships.

I have a wonderful group of sponsors such as MotorFist, Cyclops Gear, 509, Sledworthy Magazine, Sledcore, MBRP, Zbroz Racing, Smith Optics and eSticky Graphics.

[sc name=”HorizQuoteBorders” param1=”I’m pushing adaptive riding and promoting the Newfoundland snowmobile scene.” ]

All spring and summer i have been training for the 89th annual Tely ten road race. I ran two 5 km road races leading up to the Tely. It was a lot of work but i ran 16.2 kms of the Tely in 1 hour and 45 minutes! I was beyond happy with this accomplishment but I plan to run it again next summer and run a faster time.

Possibly the only time Troy has not smiled.

This winter, I will be in the best riding shape of my life! I’ve been riding so much dirt bike, road bike and running! i plan to improve my riding in every aspect and push myself well over my comfort level. I have found that keeping my cardio up is the best “Modification” you can do. People can add how ever much power you want to your sled, If you can’t hang on from exhaustion your not riding to your sled’s capability.

I’m planning a snowmobile trip to Idaho with Ski-Doo ambassador Tony Jenkins. I’m going to plan it for around the Jackson’s Hole hillclimb and experience that in the same trip. This will be a trip of a lifetime and experience I won’t soon forget.

Everyone be safe this upcoming snowmobile season and if you see me around, please come up and say hi.
Bye for now!
Stay out of the Rhubarb.
Troy Burt
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