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Alberta Snow Show

By Nick England

Where does one go to see the latest and greatest products and meet some snowmobile industry celebrities? The Alberta Snowmobile and Power sports show!

Sure, it’s a long way from home but if someone can ever come up with an excuse to go, don’t pass up the opportunity. You will get to see all the newest models from all the manufacturers, learn about aftermarket parts you didn’t even know existed, and are almost guaranteed to bump into one or two of your favourite big name athletes.

A lot of the riders of course bring their sleds out to show case as well! I had a chance to drool over Randy Swenson’s big power Yamaha Turbo which will be making 300+ horse power! It also has some sweet custom plastics and aftermarket powder coated parts to go along with its MCX Turbo kit making it one of the nicest sleds I’ve seen. The same goes for Dan Adams’ and Matt Entz’ Polaris RMKs with their Custom ArcticFX wraps, Boondocker Turbos and Fox shocks, it shows the amount of work that goes into these sleds.

I stopped by the Boondocker Canada Booth, had a good chat with Reid Hedlund about their newest products and found out what turbo kit best suited my riding style and location. I’ll be going into much greater detail in my next article about Mods so stay tuned, but the best kit in my opinion for somebody at sea level is the Boondocker GT because it enables full control over boost and fuel meaning greater horse power capabilities and easy tuning.

The Klim booth is another place I got to spend some time at. I got to hang out and chat about the new gear and sleds mods with Pro riders like Dan Adams, Matt Entz, Cole Wilford, Ross Robinson, and Klim’s Snow marketing manager, Sid Huntsman. The new colors and designs are changing the look of Klim from top to bottom.

But the main reason I went all that way in the first place was to hang with my Thunderstruck crew. We always have a blast when we get together no matter what we are doing, whether its riding or representing our sponsors in their booths at the trade shows.  Another reason I enjoyed my time at the snow show is because It’s cool to meet and sign posters for Thunderstruck fans of all ages especially younger ones. I met quite a few Newfoundlanders at the booth as well and most of them had heard that a fellow “newf” is riding for Thunderstruck Films which they thought was awesome.

All in all I can’t wait to go again and would recommend the Alberta Snowmobile and Power Sports Show to any sledder who has the chance to go. Whether you’re in the area for work or visiting relatives it’s worth the time to check it out.

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