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When Young Meets Old

When Young Meets Old

Interview with Joey & Hemblah Young.

SW: Who introduced you to snowmobiling?

JY: my dad , he got me my first one when I was two years old, a 2000 mini Z.

SW: How (why) did you and your Pop (Hemblah George Young) decide to restore the Bombardier?

JY: I had liked the idea of fixing up old machines so we decided to fix his up, I wasn’t really old enough when pop got this to know what it was. But then Pop got sick and the old Bombardier was parked ever since. Parked for 10 years. This one day, I was said we should try and get her back on the go before it’s too late. So we did! And we have been using her ever since.

SW: What other projects have you and your Pop worked on?

JY: We always liked picking apart things together, first thing was an old chain saw. Then old trucks and cars and most recently, the Bombardier.

SW: What were some of the biggest challenges you guys faced with this restoration?

JY: Finding old parts…you can’t pop over to the dealership and ask for something for this year/model.

SW: What do your friends think of this old Bombardier?

JY: They didn’t realize such a machine existed. Until one day I showed up to school in her! They all thought it was a tank out in the parking lot of school….yes, in Bonne Bay, we drive to school on our sleds.

SW: What’s the next project for this duo?

JY: we are just going fine tune our snowmobiles and work on a new paint job for this season.

SW: Tell us more about your Pop…he seems pretty cool?

JY: Hemblah George Young, born October 15th, 1944. I think he was a hard ticket in his day, liked driving fast, especially in dump trucks. My nan said he was a hard ticket! Pop is still pretty wild, checkout the picture of him launching the Bombardier off of the snow bank. We thought he was going to kill himself. So yeah, he’s still pretty young at heart.

SW: Do you think you can take Pop in an arm wrestle?

JY: No! I don’t think so. He’s one tough man!

SW: What’s the best advice your Pop has ever given you?

JY: Do your own thing…and don’t worry what others say or think.

Hemblah George Young... Doing his own thing.
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