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Couple’s Corner

Couple’s Corner

As I sit here writing this article I’m still reeling from the masterful way in which my wife conned me into a new whip for next season. Skillful cunning and manipulation the likes of which we typically only see from a comic book villain!

It all started a few months back after an awesome weekend with the Sledcore group during their latest riding clinic here on the west coast of Newfoundland where I had the opportunity to test ride Andrew’s 2016 Polaris Pro RMK and SKS. After riding these unbelievable sleds my 2012 Polaris Switchback Assault 800 just didn’t compare anymore. The advancements that Polaris has made in 4 short years are absolutely incredible and I highly recommend you check it out. After riding these new sleds, I’ve seen even the most loyal Bombardier guys switching teams.

Sorry, I’m getting side tracked, back to the story I started out writing. After that incredible weekend I had made up my mind that a new sled was in my future, but like any married man, I knew the battle was just beginning as I had to convince my wife that this was necessary. I decided to introduce the idea gradually, over the next week or two I occasionally dropped a hint comparing these new sleds to mine and describing how much more robust they were. Now, if you knew my wife, you would understand that this behaviour typically stokes the fires and can lead to a quick “Don’t even start it, Jason”. Though the first two days were rough, to my surprise, I wasn’t receiving the expected reaction or at least not to the usual degree. My comments would instead be met with a nod and nothing else. After a week or two I was getting pretty excited, thinking this was going to be easy as she’s distracted with other elements of our busy life and I was going to be able to sneak this one under the radar. I know, I know, there should have been sirens going off in my head alerting me to the fact that something was definitely wrong here as nothing ever comes that easy!

Regardless, my enthusiasm got the better of me one evening and I blurted it out “Honey, I’m going to spring check a new sled for next season”. Ideally I was hoping my statement would be meet with a quick “ok, whatever”, as she was unusually busy this particular evening, giving me all the approval I would need to move forward. Instead, I instantly got her full attention! My stomach sank, this was not the direction I was hoping the conversation would take and she was unusually calm and inquisitive. I got that strange feeling in my stomach, like when you’re watching a car wreck but powerless to do anything about it. I put my ill feelings aside and answered her questions, showed her the pictures of this 2017 Polaris Pro RMK 800 LE that I had so passionately fallen in love with and awaited her response. I guess I had missed it up until this point, but since I was now focusing on every little detail, I started to notice the evil little grin on her face. She gently motioned me over towards her laptop where she proceeded to bring up a picture of a 2017 Polaris Pro RMK 600 Pink Ribbon edition that she had obviously been sitting on for some time. That’s when it all struck me, I hadn’t played some masterful game to sneak this purchase passed her. She had been playing me all along, patiently waiting for this conversation so that she could deliver her ultimatum…either we BOTH get new sleds or neither of us get one, God love her! Needless to say, like a good husband, I called my dealer the next morning and placed our order.

I have to give a huge shout out to Jamie Buffett at M&A Motorsports in Stephenville, I’m not an easy sale but he took it like a trooper! I’ve been dealing with Jamie for a few years now and he’s a great guy with a great dealership in Stephenville, definitely worth the trip if you’re in the market for a new toy…give him a call!

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I live just outside Deer Lake on the west coast of Newfoundland with my wife and two children. Snowmobiling has always been a passion of mine and my favourite riding areas are Gros Morne National park, North Arm Hills and The Lewis hills. I'm a long time fan of Sledworthy Magazine but only recently had the opportunity to get involved and write a few articles. I'll typically be writing from a family perspective as my wife and I both love to explore the beautiful backcountry that is so abundant here on the west coast so stay tuned for some of our adventures...

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