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Chatting With Chris Brown of RIDEWHISTLER.CA

During a rare day off from his busy season, we had an opportunity to hook up with Chris Brown and ask him a few questions. Chris broke into the sled world through the Slednecks video series and at present, Chris operates where he continues to do what he loves.

SW: What should we know about Chris Brown?
CB: I’m a terrible singer. I live for adventure.

SW: Why Whistler?
CB: 11 years ago I was living in Colorado and came up here to film with Slednecks. I instantly realized how much more I like the terrain and the snowpack here in Whistler. The Whistler backcountry gets up to 60’ of snow a year and also has one of the safest snowpacks in North America. The terrain is unlike anywhere I have ever been on a sled and I have been to a lot of places. Between Whistler and Bralorne we have massive riding areas with everything from super technical tree riding to open glaciers with jumps and drops everywhere. I moved here 10 years ago and am so happy to call this place home. We live in Pemberton now which is just North of Whistler.

SW: How does snowmobiling define you?
CB: I wouldn’t say snowmobiling defines me. I live for adventure so my snowmobile is an amazing tool to explore some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. I like our challenging terrain here and the fact that we could ride for months and see and explore new terrain everyday if we had enough fuel.

SW: What does a tour package with Chris Brown look like?
CB: At Ride Whistler we offer complete packages including 2017 Polaris RMKs, lodging and guiding services.

[sc name=”HorizQuoteBlack” param1=”The Bralorne Adventure Lodge is the only lodge in the Coast Mountains where you can ride your sled to several awesome riding areas right from the front door.” ]

We have two lodge options here. One in Pemberton which is located 10-45 minutes from several riding areas and our Bralorne Adventure Lodge which is in Bralorne, BC. The Bralorne Adventure Lodge is the only lodge in the Coast Mountains where you can ride your sled to several awesome riding areas right from the front door. It’s about an hour sled ride to the lodge from the trailhead, passing lot’s of great riding areas along the way. We have a chef at both lodges for all of your meals and a hot tub and sauna for our guests to relax in.

We have a fleet of new Polaris 155-174 RMKs for our guests to ride including a turbo option. We also have highly experienced and trained guides who all have professional level avalanche training (around 150 hours of avy training) and are certified in Wilderness First Aid. Our guides are myself, Kalle Johansson, David Dobson and Tyler Blair. Our goal is to provide with you with the best snowmobile experience of your life and keep you safe while doing so.

SW: What will the 2017 season look like for you?
CB: 2017 has been unbelievable. We had a 2 meter base by early December and it hasn’t really stopped snowing since. I have around 60 days on snow so far and almost every one of them has been in deep pow. I have been teaching technical riding clinics and hosting dealer demo clinics throughout BC and now I’m getting ready to head to Japan in a few weeks! My season will wrap up in May in Iceland with 5 clinics and an epic adventure.

My schedule is pretty full for the season but KJ, David and Tyler have lots of openings for you to come experience the Whistler backcountry with us!

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As a kid, my passion was always snowmobiling. As a bigger kid, my passion is still snowmobiling. I am a positive person. I am enthusiastic about life and challenges, both in my personal and business worlds. My wife Shannon and three kids; Jack, Alaina and Kate are my world. Their understanding in the winter months is admirable…but as the kids get older, I am excited about introducing them to a sport I love to share, snowmobiling. As I have gotten older, I have concluded that technical riding will keep me on the hill or in the trees for a long time. Riding with the Professor (Bret Rasmussen) helped me understand that. However, getting first tracks on a favourite slope really gets me pumped and I still like laying down a good challenge to the younger riders around me.

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