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Head2Head part-2

Head2Head – 850 Summit X vs Pro RMK 800

Enough time has been spent on these two sleds to serve up some actual evaluation on the seven categories; power, predictability, sidehill ability, wash-out factor, flick ability, trail manners and functions/controls. Before I kick this Head2Head into gear, remember…this is simply my subjective evaluation…take from it what you want to, my opinions have not been swayed or guided in any way. That’s why you don’t see either Cat or Yammie in this evaluation…they didn’t want to participate, too bad eh!

For each of the categories, I’m simply going to give a quick run down and final mark per category. Each category is graded out of ten.

Power. The new 850 has got serious balls. It’s a fun engine and if all you want to do is wheelie all day, it’s a winner. However, after five minutes of wheelies, I’m ready for some real riding. The Polaris 800 is linear…that’s the way everyone has described it and it’s the best word for it. You’re not going to be blown away by the power, but you’re also not going to be disappointed…the phrase would be it has ‘ample’ power.

Power Scoring:
Summit 9/10 RMK 7/10

Predictability. I’ll start with the Summit, have you ever been out partying with a friend and they have a few too many drinks and suddenly they surprise you with some action…well, that best describes the Summit, it’s un-predictable. I will give it to Skidoo that they have addressed some of the panelling out issues, both the Summit does suffer from “drunken sailor” legs. What the Summit lacks for in predictability it makes up for in flickability, which I think has to be added to the dictionary. The RMK, it’s hands down, the most predictable sled on the planet. Did I get paid to say that? Nope…but if I did, I’d say it again….”it’s the most predictable sled on the planet” and I didn’t get paid for that one either.

Predictability Scoring:
Summit 7/10 RMK 9/10

Side Hill Ability. For years, Polaris has ruled this category and Skidoo has been trying hard to inch into this space. However, they’re not there yet. The RMK is still the king of the Side Hill. Not to say the Summit hasn’t improved in this space, because they have, but the RMK still rocks this space.

Side Hill Scoring:
Summit 7/10 RMK 9/10

Wash-out Factor. This is better phrased up as “ability to hold a line”. The RMK rules the day here. The Gen4 platform is following suit with the XM and it likes to washout while side-hilling. The rudder like ski channel on the stock skis isn’t helping the cause for the Summit and it’s probably time for the T-motion to take a hike too. Now the RMK isn’t perfect in this category but it’s certainly leads the Summit.

Wash-out Scoring:
Summit 6/10 RMK 8/10

Flickability. I know my father will ask me, “what do you mean by flickability?” Think of it this way, you drop your shoulder and the sled follows that command. Flickability is directly corelated to fun-factor. The RMK is much more rigid and requires more rider input than the Summit.

Flickability Scoring:
Summit 9/10 RMK 7/10

Trail Manners. This is such a non-category for these two sleds but the reality is, you will have to ride them on trails to access your fav zones. Anyone that purchases a Mountain Sled and rides the trails 80% of your time, you’re gonna hate your decision. The 163 RMK did not shine on the trails, you immediately know that the thing is long…and it craves to get into its happy place. The Summit has a super narrow front end and this will get you acquainted with all sides of the trail. However, the summit will slightly win out over the RMK in this category. The unknown here is does the Summit 165 have the same trail manners of the 163 RMK.

Trail Manners Scoring:
Summit 7/10 RMK 6/10

Functions/Gauges. I personally like to have quick and easy to read access to my gauges. The Summit has the smallest gauge panel, non-existent really. The gauge cluster on the RMK, which was the Spring Order model and came with the upgraded presentation package. This RMK gauge cluster allows you to monitor up to six different variables and actually see them.

Function/Gauge Scoring:
Summit 6/10 RMK 8/10
Head2Head Breakdown:

Summit 51/70 RMK 54/70
73% 77%

At the end of the day, either of these sleds will make you happen if you’re using them for off-trail fun. The RMK slightly edges the Summit out for the 2017 Head2Head challenge.

As a fun, imagine what-if…the 850 engine in the RMK platform…that would be insane for a stock, out of the box sled.

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