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Braap’n on a Budget

Braap’n on a Budget

How can we travel to our favourite snowmobiling destination without making VISA payments all summer? We know doubling up with your bromance is not a cash crunching option, so here are 5 tips to braap on a budget.

1. Road trip munchies
Remember when your folk’s sent you off on the CN bus to visit your grandparents? They packed you a lunch- albeit a stinky tuna or egg sandwich -30 years later what’s wrong with doing the same? If you’re travelling across the province for a weekend by the time you stop into a 24hr gas bar, Goobies, Gander and onto the final destination, you have squandered away $100 in Papa Burgers, $3 Pepsi’s and overpriced pizza subs. Stop into the grocery store, buy a case of drinks and pack a cooler…its money in the bank.

2. “Trips Eve”

The evening before the #EpicTrip we saunter off to the dealer for a set of plugs and come back with new agoggles, gloves, a new can….it literally could be anything. Don’t do it! Your $200 gloves you bought last season will be just fine for the ride this year.  On “Trips Eve” we become that crazed mother at Christmas who feels they never have enough and all logic goes out the window. Avoid the temptation, you’re not mature enough to handle it.

3. Getting there

Option #1-You just bought a sled deck off the favourite uncle and your machine looks super sexy up there . I know you would love to parade it across the province like you just won the Stanley Cup, but it’s gonna cost a $1000 bill.

Option #2- Load your machine on an enclosed trailer, tell a few lies and split the cost of fuel with the crowd. Round-trip group rate $250

Let’s be frank, we love to show off our new toys, we work hard and only have limited time to use them. But be smart about it -save a ton of cash and travel together. Driving solo will leave you wondering what kind of fun the by’s are “getting on wit” or worst case scenario, traveling with your brother in law who smokes flat out and NEVER stops talking. Getting there is generally the biggest expense and half the fun.

4. The Bunk

The most hardened of snowmobilers love to get into a warm bed, fade into that deep sleep dreaming of stucks and snow drifts. But do you really need the honeymoon suite for the weekend? With the invent of the CPAP (continuous positive airflow pressure) machine, getting stuck in a room with your buddy who snores like a Cessna starving for fuel is no longer an issue. Rent a cabin with a kitchen. Plan your meals before you leave. Commission Nan to make a big pot of soup or spaghetti before you even pull out of the driveway. There will be nothing better than coming back to a pre cooked meal after a full day of pulling out your buddy who swears they never got stuck like that in Alberta.

5. Close to home

Many an East coaster travels back and forth to the hills a half dozen times a winter, rather than rush to get there and rush to get back, stay closer to home base. We fail to realize some of the most beautiful scenery and trails are in our own backyard. When was the last time you planned a “big trip” to Port Blandford or Springdale? Winter is the slow season so cabin rentals will be cheaper (don’t be afraid to ask for a discount), not to mention savings on gas. I’m not saying drop the west coast trips like a fella on Atkins turning up his nose a fresh slice of homemade bread, but why not try somewhere different. Hodges Hills, The Buchans Plateau or heaven forbid some trail riding can be as fun as any of it. Your pocket book will thank you, your Monday morning body will thank you and in reality how many pics of the Gorge can you really take?

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