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Archives: Rugged Edge Profile (Vol 6 No 2)

Archives: Rugged Edge Profile (Vol 6 No 2)

The Rugged Edge crew: Craig, Kenny and Scott

The Rugged Edge crew: Craig, Kenny and Scott (pic from 2011)

Wow…this one was from Season 6 of Sledworthy Magazine, back in 2011-12.  We wanted to share this piece with you because Craig Borden and Melissa Young have grown their Corner Brook (NL) based business leaps and bounds…we’re super proud of them.  Here’s the original piece.


After 16 years working for other Powersport operators, Craig Borden was ready to jump into his own venture and open the doors on ‘Rugged Edge – Outdoor Lifestyle Emporium’.

Prior to his opening on Dec 2008, I asked Craig what was going to be different about Rugged Edge.  Without hesitation, Craig told me Rugged Edge was going to be about the experience.  Located near the Groomed Trail system, Rugged Edge is ideal as a staging area in the Corner Brook region.  Most importantly, Craig and his staff only sell what they use themselves and what customers want.   Staff members are able to let customers know how products work in the field -bringing product knowledge and experience to a new customer service level.

We took some time to chat with Mark Pike, customer of Rugged Edge and we asked Mark what attracted him to this local business? “I was drawn to Rugged Edge initially by the name. The name is synonymous with what I am into – the outdoors. The store has a bit of everything for the outdoor enthusiast, especially the motorsports aspect. Snowmobiling is the main reason I initially decided to check Rugged Edge out, and the fact that Craig Borden opened the store only made sense. I knew this would be a quality outdoor gear store. Craig’s name and snowmobiles go hand in hand here on the West Coast.

In an effort to service snowmobiler wants, Rugged Edge became a KLIM dealer.  Craig has committed to bring in a massive inventory of KLIM gear.  Craig and his crew knew the KLIM gear was what the marketplace wanted and he had no problem expanding this line.  Along with KLIM gear, you’ll find tons of aftermarket gear, seasonal clothing and a great selection of motorized gear; like Side-by-Sides, quads and two-wheel bikes.  Plus, for this winter season, Rugged Edge will be selling lightly used 2010 Skidoo units.  Within the Service Department, you’ll find certified technicians; Gavin Butt and Sam Carter, eager to get you back on the snow.

Torbay (NL) resident Steve Careen recently purchased a 700 cc Side-by-Side from Rugged Edge.  We asked Steve why he travelled across the province to deal with Rugged Edge.  Here’s what Steve had to say… “What first drew me to Rugged Edge was the price. I was speaking with Craig in the early part of the year. He then quoted me a price for the Side-by-Side. I hadn’t made any final decision on buying the machine until early summer. I spoke with a few dealers, and not getting the satisfaction I wanted, I called Craig again. He honoured the price that he quoted, even though the price had slightly increased since the winter months. I believe that Rugged Edge is different because Craig did honour his previous quote and when we travelled to Corner Brook to pick the machine up, Craig and staff were very accommodating and knowledgeable on the product. They went over the top when it came to customer service and for that reason, I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Overall, I would have to say it was a very enjoyable experience.”

In the short period of time that Rugged Edge has been operating, this business is already on top of its game.  With a 5000 Sq Ft expansion to the service area – things are growing. Other OEM dealerships should take a page from their play book.  Craig and his crew have demonstrated how you position your business to stand out, work hard to earn trust and constantly continue to create a customer experience where customers want to buy and not be sold. Keep up the great work!

Along with Craig, Gavin and Sam in service, you’ll find Ken Pinksen in parts and Scott McCarthy in sales.

Busy winter parking lot...even today, many west coast sledders will utilize Rugged Edge as their staging area.

Busy winter parking lot…even today, many west coast sledders will utilize Rugged Edge as their staging area.

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