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Labrador Resident named “Utility Sled Ambassador” by Skidoo

Labrador Resident named “Utility Sled Ambassador” by Skidoo

Jeff Hann - Utility Sled AmbassadorWhat exactly does Skidoo Utility Sled Expert Ambassador mean?
As an Ambassador it’s my role to showcase the capabilities and features of the Ski-Doo Sport Utility Sleds. Sharing stories, photos and videos, riding tips, sled setup tips, and general  tips. I’m here to interact with the public and take part in discussions and public forums and social media.
How did this all come about?
It’s actually quite a story to tell. But I’ll try and keep it somewhat short.
Living in Labrador I’ve become quite the avid snowmobiler. Last year I launched a Snowmobile Enthusiast Facebook page called Sled Edge/UpShiftNation. It was my idea to showcase all the content from so many social media sources. During that time I met quite a number of people, business owners and media managers. Ski-Doo, being of one them.
One day my email landed in Steve Cowings Inbox. Steve Cowing is the Media Relations and PR Manager for Ski-Doo.  I had an opportunity to meet Steve in person. Through shear luck and timing, and a Lasik Eye Surgery trip to Montreal, QC I took a short drive through the countryside of Valcourt, QC to meet Steve in person and present my ideas to him for the BRP Team. After the meeting I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was hopeful and eager but at the same time I wasn’t sure if anything would happen. Almost 2 months later I heard from Steve, and here I am. Nearly 3 months to the day from that initial email to the ambassador announcement.
Jeff - doing what he lovesTell us more about Jeff Hann? 
Hmm, I know that guy haha. Well, I live in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador. The winters here are long and cold….very cold and snow covered. Something which goes hand in hand with what I love. Snowmobiling ! When I’m not out riding the groomed trails with my 2 boys and spouse, I’m riding into the back country of Labrador and exploring the wilderness. I’m your typical outdoors man. I enjoy hunting and fishing and moose hunting of course. I’m a bit a of technology nerd (although my kids are starting to outsmart me now) and jack of all trades. From Welding to Truck Driving, Computers to Social Media and Websites, I’ve done it all. My day job consists of delivering explosives to the Mine located here in Labrador City. When I’m not working I enjoy filming and photographing my outdoor snowmobile activities throughout Labrador.
In closing I would like to say I’m here for you, the riders and want to be riders in thesnowmobile community.  Please feel free to contact me on Social media either via Facebook or Instagram and join in the fun. I will gladly take part in any discussions and look forward to hearing from other fans of the sport and fellow riders. Get out there and explore !
Jeffrey Hann
Ski-Doo Backcountry Utility Expert
Facebook: JeffreyHannSkiDoo
Photo credit: Jeff Hann
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