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Nick’s First Impression – 2018 Polaris SKS 155 800

Nick’s First Impression – 2018 Polaris SKS 155 800


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Nick Earle and his buddy Andrew Morrissey got away for a really quick trip over the Holiday season.  Both Nick and Andrew recently changed brands…Both of the guys are sporting 2018 Polaris SkS 155 800 sleds this season.

We had a chance to catch up with Nick:

Thoughts on the Polaris SKS 155 800….

“Very easy to handle, much easier side hilling, almost seems like riding a dirt bike.

On the trail it’s the same, suspension seems a lot tougher and she sounds like a real two stroke, carves through the hills like a hot knife through butter.”

The guys stayed at Rocky Brook Cabins which is located right in the snow belt, in the town of Cormack (NL).  They rode the White River Road area which is a main access point for entering the Gros Morne National Park.  The Park is the only National Park in all of Canada that you can snowmobile in, but with restrictions.

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