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Meeting the Sledcore Guys…A Backcountry Surprise.

Meeting the Sledcore Guys…A Backcountry Surprise.

By Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis – Wheelie time

It was during one of our regular family trips to the amazing west coast of Newfoundland, three years ago, that I got to meet some local riders that I had followed.  Our group was headed out for a fun filled jaunt to the beautiful Western Brook Gorge. As most folks know, when you are riding in the White River Road area, you almost never drive past the warm up shack without stopping. As always there was quite a crowd, both inside and outside the shelter. We decided to go inside and gathered around the small stove to enjoy the warmth from the crackling fire.

L2R: Ben Ellis, Andrew Goldsworthy, Garrett Holloway and Evan Morgan


Mom causally made conversation with the guy standing next to her and after only a few words she realized that she was talking to Andrew Goldsworthy of Sledworthy and Sledcore! Without even thinking she blurted out “oh, you’re one of the boys!”. You see, she was extremely excited that the Sledcore guys were there because I was following the group on social media and i really liked their style of snowmobiling and their technique. I was quietly sitting on the bench chatting with my buddies. Mom really wanted me to have the opportunity to meet the guys and she knew that i wouldn’t have the nerve to approach them myself.

Sledcore Guys enjoying a day in the pow zones

You see, I have been hoping to meet the guys for many years…wishing to “come across” them in the backcountry on every single trip to the west coast!  That day my wish came true!

The guys were headed in to the backcountry to some of their “secret spots” or “tree zones” where they are known to “play”. Even though they were on a mission, they were kind enough to spend a few extra minutes with us.


Sledcore Instructor, Andrew Goldsworthy, grabbing a handful of pow

So, mom explained to Evan Morgan that I was pretty shy and she didn’t want to leave that day without giving me the chance to meet the boys. Evan introduced himself and spoke with me  and my buddies. He had a nice little chat with us, about riding and offered to have a few snaps taken with us and our machines. We were beyond excited that day for sure!  We made memories that will last a lifetime.

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