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Long Powersport History – Exciting Step for CSR – New location.

Long Powersport History – Exciting Step for CSR – New location.

DJ, Shantelle and their kids (L2R: Lennox and Beau)

The Callahan family have been connected with the Skidoo brand since the late 1960’s.  An argument could be made that Central Service Station or as they have become known as, Central Service Racing, are one of the oldest, if not the oldest still in operation Skidoo dealers.  Ron Callahan proudly started the business and the business has now turned into a multi-dimension operation that covers various sectors.  All three Callahan kids work in the business; Claudette, Dave and DJ.  DJ is the front man for the powersports side of the business. 


Ronnie Callahan – A pioneer of the NF Snowmobile Industry

Ronnie Callahan had quite the colourful history within the Newfoundland Snowmobile industry.  Not only taking care of customers for years, but Ron was active as both a racer and supporter in his day.  Tales of Ron and the local Bay St. George’s guys loading snowmobiles in a tractor trailer and going up to Woody Point and Corner Brook to compete in races.  Anyone that looks into this history will quickly agree that Ron Callahan should have himself a place in the Newfoundland & Labrador snowmobile Hall of Fame.  In fact, we (Sledworthy) nominate that Ron Callahan be inducted into the Newfoundland & Labrador Snowmobile Hall of Fame as one of the Original Pioneers.  After some research, we came to the conclusion that there isn’t a Hall of Snowmobile Fame for this province so we might get working on that.


DJ..sizing up the exterior visual of the new location

Just recently, we had an opportunity to chat with DJ Callahan (DJ) about their decision to build a brand new, state of the art BRP dealership with modern showroom space and service areas.  As DJ put it, “This has been a work in progress for some time now.  We’re super excited about the opportunity of bringing a more modern dealership to our current customers and the new customers that we’ll be able to serve in the future.”  Possibly the biggest change will be the physical re-location of the new CSR dealership to Stephenville from the long term location of St. George’s (NL).  “This move will allow CSR to showcase more apparel, set up more floor models for both Skidoo and Can-Am and the expanded Service bay will allow the CSR technicians to work on more equipment and get the CSR customers back in action quicker”, added Callahan as he toured the new Stephenville location with us.



New Home of CSR (Stephenville, NL)








Yellow Skidoo mugs…gift from JA Bombardier to Ronnie Callahan (1962)

According to DJ,  the six mugs in the picture to the left, “J.A.Bombardier gave those to Dad (Ronnie Callahan) in 1962, packaged them himself and sent them to his buddy Ronnie along with a suit if memory serves…even the BRP museum in Valcourt does not have one of these mugs.”







Tribute to Ronnie Callhan – A Legend within the NF Snowmobile Industry

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