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6 Hundy RMK 155 – All The Reasons Why!

6 Hundy RMK 155 – All The Reasons Why!

By Andrew Emberley

Underestimated.  That’s the word I think of when I look and drool over the Pro RMK 600 as it sits in the pan of my truck.  It’s easy to watch social media and think, the only way you can sidehill through trees like the pros is straddling an 800, with aftermarket suspensions, shortened seats and 3” lugs. Sometimes you might even think you need a turbo with the marketing that’s out there.   What a wake up I got this season.  After the Odometer turned over to 1000 miles on the 2018 Pro Rmk 600 from our Sledcore fleet. I was shocked.  How could I have ignored this weapon in the Polaris Mountain lineup for so long! 

Polaris has offered the proven 600 Liberty parallel to it’s 800 in all RMK options since releasing the Pro RMK in the Pro ride chassis, and for good reason.  The low end torque and instant throttle response is like no 600 I’ve ever ridden.  In fact, when I’m on a steep side hill with big birches above and below me, I now want this machine more than any other.   I have no trouble moving through deep snow with full confidence. I can punch through any line, even just wide enough to get my skis through.  This six goes up, down or across with complete control!

At 412 lbs it’s still the lightest in its class and handles like a fillet knife through the most intimidating situations.  What I really enjoy about maneuvering this sled was how controllable the power is through the entire throttle range.  Let’s face facts, unless you’ve been hitting the weights in the offseason, or your just built like an ox anyways, you need to have a good grip on the 800 big brother when you jam it down, or it’s gonna get away from you, tossing you out of your line.  There are those moments where i’m glad to have that extra power to bail me out of my mistakes,  but sometimes it’s just too much for my less than bulky frame.  The reality is, if you’re a smaller rider, if you’re a beginner, or if you just want to pick you’re way through the trees and backcountry,  you need to log some hours on this 600 and fully consider it as your next purchase.  Polaris has this machine nailed.

Here are some things to consider while you’re driving to your local Polaris dealer to spring order;

-Fuel savings, between all of the RMK, and SKS lineup, this machine was found to have the best fuel mileage and we say that with full certainty. 

-The Pro RMK 600 is built on the AXYS chassis, and if you’re into technical lines, that is the chassis you want to be riding, especially if you’re using birch trees as pylons

-New for 2019, the Pro RMK 600 and 800’s receive the new REACT 36” front end, which is going to take your riding precision to a level you didn’t know was possible. 

-This is the perfect machine for any rider looking to change up their pace and get into serious technical riding, the power curve allows you to perfect your body positioning, be efficient and learn to control your momentum.  You’ll be riding this for years wondering “Did I really just go through that?”

-The Quick Drive Belt system is so snappy and responsive, it gives you immediate power.

-It’s reliable, the 600 Liberty is a proven engine, and it’s been that way for years.  Polaris just keeps refining it to make it that much better for 2019!

-Lightweight, the 600 still sits on the same PRO RMK chassis as the 800 so you get all the same benefits of forged a-arms and carbon fiber over structures.   

I can’t say enough about the PRO RMK 600 and all the amazing things it’s shown me this winter. It’s like an extension of my body, I don’t even have to think about what i’m doing when i’m riding it.  The Six gives me time to look ahead, look around, and explore every opportunity to push my riding to the next level.  Spring order one soon and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Andrew Emberley presently calls Western Newfoundland home.  Originally from the Grand Bank area, Andrew was pivotal with the Sledcore Crew where he put the 6Hundy through its paces all season.

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