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Mackenzie – This Dude Loves Sledding (Welcome Aboard)

Mackenzie – This Dude Loves Sledding (Welcome Aboard)

2018 season – Sledcore Ride Clinic

Out of all the fun options that a person can do, I have to say that snowmobiling is by far my favourite.

“Snowmobiling? How can you like being in the cold and snow for all day, you must get awful cold?” Thats the typical response that I get when I tell people what I love to do most.  In my opinion, there’s nothing like it, seeing the endless fields of untouched pow with the sun dancing off every single snow flake. After a full day of side-hilling steep slopes and riding Newfoundland’s most technical terrain… And thats my response to the people that always say “I HATE WINTER”.

I’m the type of guy that sees beyond the trails, to see the parts of the country that most don’t. I challenge myself to keep going further, to see what’s over the next hill. Meanwhile, side hilling, carving, dropping off cornices and trying to figure out those famous hop overs you see skilled riders doing.


My ideal day of snowmobiling would be getting up noon and hitting the trail….did I get you with that? My ideal day would be an early rise to see as much untouched pow as possible with a bunch of good buddies.


To express to someone that snowmobiling is my favourite thing is actually hard to do in words.  You’ll have to follow my articles this winter to get a taste of why I love this sport so much.   I’m especially looking forward to this upcoming season on the new Polaris 850! Will I wrap it or not…decisions, decisions.

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