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Skizee to Hit the Snow – 2019

Skizee to Hit the Snow – 2019

Inventor Maidment; featured on Discovery Channel and Popular Science.

We recently had a chance to chat with the Team from Skizee.  This innovation caught our attention so much, we wanted to share this Power Skiing invention with you; like you, we’re fans of winter and all things powersports, in fact, some of the Sledworthy crew starting shopping for ski boots and skis to get ready to try the Skizee.


SW:  How did this idea come about?

Skizee was created through a love for skiing and a passion for innovation.

Jim Maidment, Skizee inventor and avid Alpine skier, dreamt of being able to fly across the winter landscape when he was a young boy in Labrador.

‘Snow Goose Mountain’, Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s only Alpine ski hill, was largely supported by volunteers including Jim’s late father, Charles, who often lent a hand while Jim took to the slopes. With the T-bar frequently out of operation, Jim and his friends would climb up the slopes, ski back down and repeat the climb.  Jim remembers the camaraderie of the fledgling resort and the exhilaration of whistling down the mountain only to slog back up again. The thought came early and often: “If only I could go all the way to the top of the mountain and anywhere I wanted on skis” – and the early idea of “Skizee” was born.

Jim Maidment (Skizee Inventor)

With the dream of power skiing still on his mind, Jim eventually left his career in the automobile manufacturing industry to design and prototype the Skizee.  With six years in research and development all aspects of the Skizee have been cross-tested for reliability and performance across multiple types of terrain, and under varying temperature and snow conditions.

Now in commercialization, with product expected to hit the shelves in January 2019, the Skizee is a new form of power sport in which people can be confident that they have a product they can enjoy for years to come.

SW:  What exactly is Power Skiing?

Power Skiing is the ultimate crossover between power and human sport with its own unique space in the winter snow sports sector, it is definitely a trail breaker.   Power sport enthusiasts and skiers alike now have the freedom to enjoy access to back country and off-trail skiing in ways not possible until now. Replacing the gravity of alpine skiing with the power of a 4-stroke engine and the ability to reach speeds up to 40 km/h allows for a power combo of Alpine skiing and motorized transport both on trail and off.  How do we compare the Skizee? Simple, it’s what a motorcycle is to a bicycle. Similar, yet wildly different.

Skizee (Look for it as Ski Resorts)

SW: What if I’m not a Skier, how hard will this be?

The Skizee makes becoming a skier easier than ever.  Its design is uncomplicated and straightforward with the arm acting as a tripod with the rider to naturally increase stability, maneuverability and confidence.  Most people after a few short test runs quickly get comfortable with the way the Skizee handles.


SW:  For those hardcore skiers, what will the Skizee mean to them?

Born out of passion and respect for Alpine skiing the Skizee is no slouch for the more experienced ski enthusiast. Carving at top speed, traversing varied terrain in country and out, and the thrill of endless accessibility will keep skiers of all levels connected to the snow and thoroughly engaged in the sport.  The Skizee will mean experienced Skiers will be able to open up more terrain, go further and increase the overall fun factor.

Donna Paddon (Skizee CEO) – early version test run

 SW: How can folks try the Skizee?  What’s the plan for 2019?

The plan right now is to have the Skizee units available at major Ski Resorts.  The objective is to let as many folks as possible experience the fun of the Skizee, in an affordable rental capacity at the Resorts or strategic locations.  Some of those folks will thoroughly love the experience. For those folks, they’ll be able to checkout the Skizee at exclusive Skizee Dealers and purchase. Definitely keep an eye out for the Skizee at Ski Resorts, starting in Newfoundland and Labrador.  If you don’t see the Skizee at your fav Resort, ask for it by name, “Where’s The Skizee?”


In the meanwhile, join the Skizee community.  We’ll be letting our fan know of contest and pop up events as we get into the winter season.  Check out Skizee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Skizee – compact and portable

SW: But what if someone wants to purchase or pre-order a Skizee unit now?

Not a problem.  Those early fans or as we call them “Founding Skizee Fans” can be the first to enjoy their Skizee unit.  This is a concern of ours, for the 2019 season, there will be a limited number of exclusive Skizee units manufactured.  Many of these units will go into the Skizee Partners/Rental locations but some will be kept for dealers or direct sales to the Founding Skizee Fans.  If you want to be one of the Founding Skizee Fans, we want to hear from you today. Hit up or email [email protected]

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