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Sunny Springdale & Beautiful Trails – But keep safety first

Sunny Springdale & Beautiful Trails – But keep safety first

By Mike Critch

Karen & Mike

On a sunny Saturday morning in Springdale, even at -20 or -25 with the wind chill you’ll see a lot of community members at the gas station with trailers in tow, pants & boots already on….gassing up their machines and packing coolers & lunch bags, getting ready to go & hit the trails or the backcountry…..or head to the cabin with the kids & family with all the gear in tow.

The only thing better than that ride on snowmobile is getting to the cabin and lighting the fire, listening to the crackling of that dry wood in the stove!  We all know that sound.

Sun and Sleds…yes!

With all of the excitement thinking of how much fun it is to be out and about with the people you love, it is important to remember to practice safety at all times. Keep safety equipment in mind at all times. Ensure you have safety equipment in your snowmobile & vehicle at all times. Let people know where you’re going & when you’ll be back if going on a long trip. Carry a gps & know how to use it. And if traveling in a group stick together & look out for one another!

Karen – overlooking Springdale on a beautiful

The most important thing to remember no matter who you’re with or where you’re going is …..someone who loves you is expecting you and wants you home at night or the next day when you plan on returning home!  Ride safe, play safe, stay safe & happy riding!

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