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Mid Island Motorsports (Industry Profile)

Mid Island Motorsports (Industry Profile)

Just recently, we had an opportunity to hook up with the super busy team at Mid Island Motorsport…greatly appreciate the time that Keith Noble and his team gave us for putting this Industry Profile together.  We wanted to ask a bunch of questions to allow you to know these folks better.

SW: What’s the story behind Mid Island Motorsports?

L2R: Dave Jenkins, Jon Newbury, Jeff Clarke & Keith Noble

It’s been a dream of mine (Keith Noble) for some time now. My parents (Bryon and Caroline) and me really make every decision of business as a trio as it’s been a family business for nearly 40 years. Last year we had the chance to purchase the dealership (previously operated as Springdale Recreation), we already had the perfect space for it so it really just fell together. The name itself came from my buddy Mark, we selected it because we really are centrally located and 5 minutes off the highway so it allows customers to stop in easily at any time during their travels.

SW: Why is MIM different?

I think it’s different because it’s driven by staff that love motor vehicles and the outdoors. Anytime we aren’t open, you’ll probably find one of our staff on the trails. I hate when someone is selling something and they really have no idea about the product. We are always accessible on Facebook as well; our response time is actually less then an hour. It’s a convenient feature for customers who don’t want to wait around on the phone.

This beautiful purple theme Mtn Cat is waiting for you.

SW: What have been some challenges to date?

I think our only real challenge so far has been liquidating old inventory from the previous dealership. We had non-current models and clothing, and we really just blew it out the door at low prices. Luckily, it’s worked out well so far this season. It transitions us well for next year to focus on all current inventories.



SW: Share with us an example of how MIM went above and beyond to be customer centric.

Greg Gill taking delivery of his new Mtn Cat

I believe we are always being customer centric. Most customers with new machines actually have mine or the managers cell number and they can reach us at any time. I also meet customers at the TCH branch a few times a week when they are rushing their way through. We often deliver machines as well for free of charge. We are in the type of business where you really need to have a whatever it takes attitude!



SW: What are you folks doing to make customers want to do business with you?

Greg Gill’s new MTN Cat from Mid Island Motorsports @TomCaines

Our Facebook page has really created a buzz. We try to get pictures of our customers with their new machines. It helps show our gratitude towards the customer and shows other customers what’s happening at the shop. We also offer up our demos to anyone interested in a machine, I encourage people to try them before they make that big purchase. The Alpha was a big example this year, being a new machine with buzz around it – I try to get everyone on it I can! At the end of the day, it keeps everyone happier with the overall transaction.


SW: Tell us about your full MIM team?


Jeff Clarke is our manager and lead sales. He has years of experience in automotive sales. He recently moved back from Ontario and was a great fit for the job. He takes customer service to new levels and is the type of guy that creates repeat customers.


Mid Island Motorsports…NF’s newest FXR Dealer

Jon Newbury handles our parts and service. He has great knowledge of parts and is probably the most organized guy I know. He worked with the previous owner years back and customers are always excited to see him back.

DaveJenkins is our lead technician. It’s amazing even saying it, but he has OVER 40 years in the industry. His experience and knowledge is like reading from a book sometimes. We have guys from all over the island that will only bring their machines to Dave – its great to see that type of relationship with a customer and knowing the type of confidence people have in him.

Terrence Oxford is our assistant technician. He has spent years in automotive mechanics so a lot of his general knowledge with parts and engines carried into this job. He also runs an automotive garage and scorpion coating dealer on the side for me – he’s a pretty handy guy to have around.



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