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Lady Ripper: Jessica Hansford

Lady Ripper: Jessica Hansford

SW: Who introduced you to Snowmobiling?

Jessica – hugging the hill

My Dad, we are a very outdoorsy family and I have been snowmobiling ever since I can remember with him and my family.  Most of my sledding was done on a Bravo longtrack up until about 4 years ago when I met my boyfriend Cejay and he introduced me to the awesome world of backcountry sledding!

SW: Why did you become attracted to backcountry riding?

I started backcountry riding about 4 years ago now.  My boyfriend got me into it; I never knew what a sled was capable of until I went with him and his friends.  Ever since that first trip I was hooked. I have to thank him and all his friends for showing me the ropes and their patience. 

Cejay and Jessica

SW: How do you think more ladies could be introduced to backcountry riding?

I think the Sledcore Ladies Clinic is a great way for them to get introduced to this riding.  Getting stuck, rolling over and crashing while you’re trying to learn all the skills involved can be very intimidating and frustrating when you’re with a group of guys, that’s why the female specific clinic is ideal.

SW:You attended a Sledcore Ride Clinic, tell us about that experience?

I loved the whole day from start to finish!  It was great to get the time, guidance and practice for basic skills that you would use on every trip into the backcountry.  The whole crew offered so much help that you didn’t feel bad if you tipped over or got stuck because they all would come and help you out, and also you knew you were not holding them back from getting to the fresh powder or cutting in on their riding time.  I learned so many new skills during the clinic; especially where I ride an Arctic Cat and the rider/sled weight ratio is very different.  The mid-day fire and lunch stop was an excellent time for us all to get to know each other a little more and build new friendships with ladies that enjoy the sport just as much as I do and a nice rest for our bodies before we got into the backcountry and had to put our skills to use! 

SW: What are some of your 2019 Riding Goals?

Jessica – enjoying some carving

My 2019 riding goals are to have more confidence in myself and go try everything more than once.  I want to get more practice in with one ski maneuvering and side hilling, along with some more hill climbs and jumping.  This year I am planning on having more body strength to help with controlling such a heavy sled, so I have started weight training.  



SW: Tell us about your sled?

Evan Morgan of Sledcore guiding Jessica through a drill.

My sled I road last year was a 2016 Arctic Cat m8000 Limited, we installed a custom orange and black sticker kit, which made it look a lot better than the black on matte black it came with.

SW: Where do you presently live and what are you presently working at?

I am from Goulds, Newfoundland, and I am currently doing Accounting and Administration at Brown Offshore (1997) Inc.



2019 Sledcore Lady Rippers Ride – L2R: Jessica H, Madonna, Kayla, Shakara, Roma, Jessica H, Heather, Sherri, Jo-Ellen and Kelly Ann.

@Sledcore PC – Tom Caines – 2019 Sledcore Ride Cln

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