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Lady Ripper: Kelly Ann Stewart

Lady Ripper: Kelly Ann Stewart

Kelly Ann – Air time

SW: Who introduced you to Snowmobiling? 

 My father. He was always on his sled either hunting or cutting wood, we only had one so my sister and I would watch for him to return so we could have our turn, then it was a fight over who was driving. The first machine I rode was an Enticer 250 and have been riding for as long as I can remember.

 SW: Why did you become attracted to backcountry riding?

 Backcountry riding is more of a challenge and definitely more fun!  I left Newfoundland for about 15 years and didn’t ride at all but when I moved home a few years ago I started again. My fiancé Jerome Myles absolutely loves backcountry riding so after my first trip to the west coast I realized staying on groomed trails was not an option.  I had to learn to follow the guys around or sit on the trail waiting for them so that’s how I was introduced to backcountry riding. There are so many different places to see, the freedom to go anywhere and there is always something new to learn. I like not having to follow the same trail all the time. I love it!

Andrew Emberley (Sledcore Instructor) helping Kelly.

SW: How do you think more ladies could be introduced to backcountry riding?

 I think the Sledcore ride clinic is a great place to start backcountry riding.  Some of my friends would love to try but don’t have access to a proper sled. It’s very convenient that Sledcore will make arrangements for rentals if needed to attend a rice clinic. Also, being on the Avalon I don’t see a lot of advertising for backcountry riding so maybe more social media exposure to get the word out there.

SW: You attended a Sledcore Ride Clinic, tell us about that experience? 


Kelly and the gang enjoying the 2018 Sledcore Ride Clinic.

The Ride Clinic was a great experience! There were ladies of all levels of experience and the instructors were very organized and patient with everyone.  All of us got one on one training and they were so helpful. The instructors wanted us to learn and test ourselves and didn’t mind digging us out of the snow all day. They said if we didn’t get stuck we’re not trying hard enough. We stopped half way through the day to have a fire and lunch and chatted about riding techniques we wanted to try or needed help with. The support from the instructors and participants was great and at the end of the day we all left feeling a lot more confident on our sleds. The whole day was awesome and I can’t wait to attend Sledcore’s next Ride Clinic.

SW: What are some of your 2019 Riding Goals? 

 I have a few but my main goal is to conquer side hilling this year for sure! 

 SW: Tell us about your sled? 

Kelly Ann Stewart; currently riding a 154 Freeride.

 I am currently riding a 2018 Freeride 850 154” and love it!!  

Our sleds have always been Skidoo but I am also liking the Polaris a lot. Might try one next time.

SW: Where do you presently live and what are you presently working at? 

 I live in Torbay, NL.  I own a new home construction company called Qualico Homes Inc. And I’m also a Realtor.

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