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Lady Ripper: Shakara Parsons

Lady Ripper: Shakara Parsons

SW: Who introduced you to Snowmobiling?


Shakara: wheelie time

Shakara: I grew up riding in Gander (NL) on the various trails around the area. However, I didn’t get into backcountry riding until the past year through my husband (Danny Parsons). He has been backcountry riding since he was young and last year I decided that I wanted to see what it was all about and gave it a try. I fell completely in love with it!



SW: Why did you become attracted to backcountry riding?

Danny & Shakara Parsons

Shakara: I always thought that backcountry riding looked like a lot of fun. Being able to go places you wouldn’t necessarily get to otherwise, riding on the freshest powder and the adventure that comes along with each ride were attractive aspects of backcountry riding for me. I have always been a lover of winter and all of the activities that went along with it. I have been riding for quite some time but never had a machine that was capable of backcountry riding. Last year, when I bought my new sled, I decided I wanted to try it out!


SW: How do you think more ladies could be introduced to backcountry riding?


2019 Sledcore Ladies Ride Clinic

Shakara: I feel that the best way to introduce more ladies to backcountry riding is through awareness of women riders as well as clinics and/or groups that are focused on women. Quite often, we don’t know what is available for women specifically.It can often be intimidating to ride with men who have been riding for years when you are new to the sport. Leaning from other women and hearing about their experiences is also a great asset. Whether it is through articles you can read, videos to watch or hands on clinics you can attend, women helping women support women is key. Not only does it help build confidence it also builds a connecting for women to communicate and ride with one another. Doing industry features, such as this and ride clinics that solely focus on women will come together to build a community of women riders. 

SW: You attended a Sledcore Ride Clinic, tell us about that experience?


Shakara: Deep snow carve

Shakara: The Ladies Sledcore Ride Clinic that I attended was amazing. Not only did I learn so many skills from and amazing group of individuals, I also got to experience riding in the mountains on the West Coast for the first time. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and patient. They worked with everyone individually during different times throughout the clinic and were great at building confidence in us all. Another asset to the clinic was that I was able to meet so many other women riders and have been lucky enough to stay in contact with many of them. I would recommend a Sledcore Clinic to anyone who has an interest in backcountry riding, no matter your skill level, new to riding or a veteran, there is always something to learn or improve on


SW: What are some of your 2019 Riding Goals?

 ShakaraFor the 2019 riding year, I will continue working on and improving the skills I already have. However, my biggest goal is to work on the skills necessary for sidehilling.

 SW: Tell us about your sled?


Shakara: Her Whip Summit 800 146″

Shakara: I ride a 2013 Summit 800 146”. It was previously own by the amazingly talented Kristen Morrissey and has been featured on the cover of Sledworthy Magazine.


SW: Where do you presently live and what are you presently working at?


Shakara: I currently live in Gambo (NL) and I’m a Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


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