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CKX Titan – Is it the best Helmet out there?

CKX Titan – Is it the best Helmet out there?

CKX Titan Air-Flo – awesome for tree riding

By Andrew Emberley

Ultimate Crossover.  Extreme Crossover. Words you often see associated with some of the latest snowmobile models offered by the industries top manufacturers. Extreme crossover helmet? That’s the CKX Titan.   I was first intrigued by this helmet when I noticed the flip-down muzzle. The ability to flip down the muzzle without removing your goggles was a dream come true. I’ve never been a fan of the complete modular design.  I like the field of view and comfort of goggles. With the MX style helmets, I find myself gasping for air when my level of fitness shows itself. If you don’t already own this helmet, you are a part of a large number of riders debating buying one.  Trust me. Don’t debate it any longer. It’s stylish, lightweight, and practical. It just flat out works.

How about a few real world scenarios.

 Without Titan

Your buddy is stuck, bad, en route to a stash of fresh powder, you know won’t be there all day.  Normally, you may stop, take off your gloves, take off your helmet and goggles, put your gloves back on and proceed to “unstuck” your buddy.  You then go back to your machine, put on all your gear and hit the gas. Oops. Now you’re stuck. Off comes the gear again.  

Titan Owner

Emberley sporting the Titan.

Same machine is stuck, you step off your machine, flip down your muzzle.  Unstuck your buddy, and head back to your machine. Flip up your muzzle. Hit the gas, oops.  Your stuck. Flip muzzle down. Unstuck machine. Flip up muzzle. You’re done.  

Without the titan, You just work so hard, it’s inevitable to build up a sweat and fog your goggles from heavy breathing, treading through deep snow and pulling on bumpers.  With the titan, you’re helmet can stay on until you really really want it off. You can breathe, and the humid air escapes your helmet. And let’s not forget, getting you into the powder faster!

Scenario 2 

Without the titan 

You’re goggles are steaming up.  You take them them off by removing the strap, it’s too late so your trying to wipe them dry.  Let’s be real, the reason Polaris made a goggle drying bag, was because we have all been here.  

With the Titan

Your goggles are steaming up, you release one side of the strap to let the moisture out.  You can even doing while driving on the trail to let air flow. Your goggles are still on your head, and they’re dry.  And I have got to add in, the backcountry goggles do not fog.

Scenario 3

Without the titan

Tree riding, we are now in the era where everyone wants to ride steep, tangly lines.  In order to master the skills required to navigate tree stands and gnarly drainages, you need to work hard and get stuck a lot.  And breathing is a huge part of that. One of my favorite options of the CKX Titan is the option to completely remove your muzzle.  It literally fits in my pocket. I can snap it off and on with little effort. Albeit some slight coordination. The ability to leave my helmet and goggles on my face, and breath fresh air like an open modular helmet is unique to the Titan and earns top points in my gear collection.  


The CKX Titan has endless options.  You can choose the trail model which reduces air flowing through the helmet on long trail rides, and a chin/neck curtain for added warmth.  There’s the air-flo model which has increased ventilation in the helmet shell as well as the backcountry 210 goggle boasting its own extra ventilation options.  (I have yet to sweat in the air-flow model) You can pick up a carbon fiber model weighing roughly 2.5 lbs. Both models are lightweight and greatly reduce neck fatigue from a long day on the snow.  So you can’t go wrong with either. The goggles also have options, Mirrored, Yellow and Blackout tint. There’s a photochromic option. And yes, there is even a rugged electrical goggle option you can choose.  ProCLip quick release strap and a mount for your GoPro. 


The CKX Titan is simple yet abundant in options to tailor your helmet to your riding.  This helmet is the extreme crossover Lid. It’s a do it all arrow for your quiver. Quality, and Innovation are clearly prioritized when CKX made this helmet and if your going to fork out your hard earned money for a helmet.  You want all of these to be on the minds of the people packing the box!


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