Polaris Feature: Chatting with Dan Adams

Dan and Chris – first impressions.

As a professional snowmobile rider and Next Level Riding Clinic Owner and Instructor in the Wyoming backcountry, Dan Adams is one of the most experienced, skilled and safest mountain riders in snowmobiling. We sat down to get his take on the Polaris 2020 RMK® KHAOS® 155. Here’s what he had to say. complete rider comfort.

POLARIS: We use language like agile to describe the Khaos®, how would you describe it?
DAN: So, it’s funny because the moment Chris Burandt and I first got to see the RMK Khaos last January, we started to pick it apart. You see the word Khaos and think, oh it’s an RMK with a graphics package and better shocks. What you don’t realize until you get on the sled is how much it reduces the riding effort. To talk about the new rear suspension geometry, the Walker Evans ® Velocity Shocks or the React® Front Suspension doesn’t really mean anything until you get on the sled and feel how agile and playful it is. What was most surprising to me with the Khaos was that it was so simple. You can just get on and ride.
The thing I’m constantly telling people is they’re going to get complacent after hours of riding. Your sled becomes part of you and you accept how it corners, takes bumps and handles in general. The Khaos is a sled that after hours of riding you start to think – hey I’ve been ripping around for hours and I’m not tired, and I’m not really working that hard. So yes, the Khaos is playful, but more importantly it just makes riding easier in any terrain or snow condition.

POLARIS: What features really stand out?

Khaos – bringing riding to another level

DAN: The RMK Khaos is exactly what we’ve been attempting to build at Next Level for years, it’s an amazing sled. The success of the sled speaks for itself. Without any modifications you get adjustable shocks, a lightweight front end, a powerful machined Polaris can really stand behind. No matter where you ride, sea level or mountain top, the RMK Khaos can adjust to that specific type of riding and the rider’s body weight. I think that the RMK Khaos is exactly what riders have been looking for – it’s the perfect all-mountain sled.

POLARIS: Thoughts on the 800 Cleanfire® and SnowCheck exclusive 850 Patriot® engines?
DAN: The way Polaris comes up with new products and up the ante each year is astonishing. –The 800 H.O CleanFire® Engine was the most amazing engine when it came out – well now that there’s an 850 Patriot TM Engine which is also amazing. The 800 sled that is available in-season is the one I rode when I was in Chile with Chris Burandt; it is a proven, high performance engine there’s a lot to be said for that 800 powerplant.

POLARIS: So what kind of rider should hop on the Khaos®?
DAN: This sled is not only for an experienced backcountry rider but for a new snowmobiler as well. New riders can adapt to the terrain and conditions quickly because it takes less effort. Think of it this way, Khaos requires less of our input to get that sled to do what we want it to do. Remember, it’s still an all rider-controlled snowmobile. You can still ride this sled like the Pro-RMK. To answer your question about who the sled is for – it’s people willing to get past the idea that it’s only built for the Caleb Kasterke’s or the Chris Burandt’s or the Dan Adams’ of the world. That’s not the case. It’s ready for any number of riders seeking all-mountain performance.

2020 Polaris Khaos

POLARIS: And what about more advanced mountain and backcountry riders?
DAN: For those riders looking at what mountain riders are doing – side hilling, jumps, re-entry, hop-overs, pirouettes this sled is a great choice. Great shock package, very light front end, and extremely nimble. As an experienced rider, you can push the limits with a snowmobile like this one.

Visit or stop by your nearest Polaris dealer to learn more about the 2020 RMK® KHAOS® 155.

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