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Ride Local. Support Local. Exploits TrailNet

Ride Local. Support Local. Exploits TrailNet

Warm up shelters – are key to the industry.

Adventure Tourism is very real! The closer you look, the more you will see. People everywhere are looking to escape their everyday lives, and when you’re in Newfoundland you don’t have to go very far to get away. Exploits Trailnet is working wonders with the local trail network, from building trails and bridges to purchasing new groomers and new warm up shelters. They have spent some serious money in the last couple of years to help provide the best possible experience for the NLSF trail pass holders and local power sport owners, as the Exploits TrailNet is a multisport association dedicated to the development of safe and sustainable year-round trails in the Exploits/Badger region (Central Newfoundland).


Chad and young ripper

Last season, the Exploits TrailNet organization sold approximately 1800 trail passes in the area, those of which could either be locals, or from other areas but check the box on the application form for the Exploits area. It’s not hard to see people enjoying the trails on any given day from January to April, day or night. If you’re around one of the warm up shelters there’s a good possibility the fire is lit and the building is warm. Without the help of the dozens of volunteers who keep the track turning, this wouldn’t be possible. At the end of the day, Exploits Trailnet’ main goal is to provide an enjoyable, safe experience, with hopes of attracting more users to the area. More users mean more economic spin off to the local business community. More gas in the vehicles towing trailers, more fuel in the sleds we’re riding, more snacks in the lunch bags, more hotel rooms occupied, more restaurants serving customers, more dealers repairing machines, more new machines sold and the list goes on. Snowmobiling brings an estimated $84-100 million annually in Newfoundland and the Exploits TrailNet is looking to capitalize on that and attract others that may drive by, get them to see what Central Newfoundland has to offer. New for the 2019-2020 season Exploits Trailnet is offering a new to the area opportunity for the business community, in their corporate sponsorship program, offering different levels of signage and advertising that fits the sponsors advertising budget. It’s a great initiative to showcase some of the excellent local businesses that also support the local trail system. At the end of the day, the more users on the trails, the greater the benefit to the local businesses, but without their support it’s impossible to grow. Snowmobilers will show support to those businesses that support local initiatives.  Keep in mind, Amazon or some internet-based supply house will not be directly putting monies into your local product, this comes from your local community.  Ride local, support local.

By: Chad Colbourne

Chad lives in Central Newfoundland and enjoys all aspects of snowmobiling.  At present, Chad is a Director with the Exploits TrailNet group.

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