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Early Season Win.

Early Season Win.


By Michael Maher and photos by Mike McCarthy (Kyody Photo)

History of my involvement in Snowmobiling

Nov 17-19; Shred Fest – Micael Maher

Since a young age, I was always around snowmobiling and in the woods. Ever since I rode my first snowmobile, my love and passion for the sport continuously advances. For me, snowmobiling provides an escape from reality. There is no better feeling then riding deep powder, steep hills and massive hits. I am originally from Grand Falls-Windsor, NL. Upon graduating high school, I made the move to Corner Brook, NL to pursue a secondary education. Snowmobiling on the West Coast of Newfoundland is simply the best. There is never a moment throughout the day when snowmobiling isn’t on my mind. Each season I push myself to new limits and continually progress every ride. Every chance I get, I ride my sled. Nothing beats waking up to a fresh blanket of snow and breathing in that cold crisp air. My parents have always been very supporting of my passion for the sport and have provided me with the opportunity to do so. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming season has to offer!

Stumbling Upon Early Season Powder

Nov 2019 Road Shred

On November 16, 2019, Rob Clarke Motorsports posted photos of the snow quickly accumulating in the Taylors Brook Road (TBR) area. Although sometimes pictures may be a twist on reality, without hesitation me and Mike McCarthy (Kyody Photo) loaded up our snowmobiles (November 17, 2019 at approximately 6 AM). Upon arrival at TBR, we began trucking in, it did not look promising by any means for the first few kilometers with little to no snow. Finally, we were able to unload the machines at kilometer 24 mark with enough snow to become mobile. As we made our way in further, it was almost like someone flipped a switch and dropped an unbelievable accumulation of snow. What we both expected to just be an early season trail ride, became a mid winter pow day. Mike, being the photographer and avid snowmobiler captured amazing photos, which made people question if they were even taken this season, especially in Newfoundland. We both enjoyed a blue bird day riding the powder filled road. It was important to keep safety in mind as early season days pose a risk of striking objects beneath the snow. Overall, it was a lucky and pleasurable find.


Mike McCarthy (Kyody Photo)

Nov 17-19 – early season stuck

Mike McCarthy should be a name any die hard NL snowmobiler recognizes. Mike’s love for riding and the great outdoors is second to none. Not to mention, his camera skills are beyond this world. Mike puts high amounts of kilometers on his snowmobile each year. He simply does not stop. He is always posting on his Facebook page with snow updates and incredible wildlife/snowmobiling photos. Without Mike, West Coast snowmobiling would not be the same. His knowledge keeps riders safe and pushes them to new limits once that camera comes out. Thank you, Mike, for your love and dedication to the sport!




About my Whip and My Dealer; Keith Noble and Mid Island Motorsports

Michael receiving his new whip

I reached out to Keith and the crew at Mid Island Motorsports in order to find me a snowmobile capable of handling everything I’ll throw at it. They responded immediately and accommodated all my needs to make the sled exactly how I wanted it. However, the day I was heading across the island, all the crew were attending the Springdale Craft and Trade show, without hesitation they had me bring my snowmobile (that was being traded in) to the event, they looked over it and took the sled off my hands right then and there. Me and Jeff Clarke (Manager) then got all the paperwork situated on the new 2020 Arctic Cat M8000 Hardcore Alpha, and I was on my way. As stated on Mid Island Motorsports webpage, “We didn’t just create a staff. We created a sales and service team of outdoors enthusiast looking to spread their knowledge and experience. At Mid Island Motorsports, our mission is always to go the extra mile for our customers.” I could not agree anymore about this statement. They are very responsive with any questions and or concerns and will provide any expertise when applicable. I recommend anyone in the industry to check them out, they are the definition on what customer service should be. Jeff even came in on a Saturday morning to allow me to pick up my snowmobile on short notice (before winter hours came into affect). As time progresses, I see Keith and the gang at Mid Island Motorsports being an industry leader here on the Island, they are bound for ultimate success.

Mid Island Motorsports Crew

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