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Sherri Loves to Sled!

Sherri Loves to Sled!

By Sherri Alexander

Author: Sherri Alexander

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!  It is finally here; I am so excited to see this white fluff falling, hopefully it is the start of our snowmobile season.  We all have something we truly enjoy about the outdoors and snowmobiling is one of many adventures that I probably enjoy the most… I am very passionate about snowmobiling and backcountry riding; I can’t wait to get on my sled and head out.

Being a lady rider, I want to feel confident about my riding especially when riding with experienced riders, each year I am eager to learn and practice more with my snowmobile.  The way to do this lady riders is to take advantage of every opportunity, get out, that is what I do, I like to face the challenges, the more you do it the better a rider you will become.  Getting stuck, tipping over and falling off your sled when backcountry riding, this is somewhat normal and if you didn’t have this happen to you, you need to try harder.  Stuck? It is not a big deal; the proper techniques will help you get unstuck.  This is all part of the fun when backcountry riding.  I ride mostly with my husband Francis and a few of our guy friends, the destination is always unknown and they will tempt to go anywhere. These guys don’t mind me tagging along as they know I am confident about the unknown challenges when riding, they don’t have to worry or think to themselves, “Will Sherri be ok?  Will she make it?”  No, for the most part I am self-reliant and can handle whatever comes along…and if I don’t that will be a new challenge for me to work on and overcome.  Riding with Francis and our buddies helps me catch onto skills quickly and it challenges me to become a better rider.

Sherri – 2019 Sledcore Ride Clinic

Last year I attended the most amazing event, the Sledcore – All-Female Ride Clinic 2019 – Cormack, my thought was wow to be surrounded by ladies that have the same passion for riding as I do.  I tell you it was more than that, it was the best snowmobile learning experience for me, we had lots of fun, laughs, the energy was amazing, when we stopped for lunch we even had a fire to gather around, we chatted and got to know more about each other and of course snowmobile talk.  The Sledcore gang made everyone feel so comfortable, they were very helpful, and the guidance and the patience they gave to everyone was amazing.  At the end of the day I felt that I achieved my goal and I knew at that point that I would be attending again.  Sooooooo….

After last year’s ride clinic, I thought and talked about how this female ride clinic could go over very well in the Stephenville area, I put it out there and yes, we have lady’s that were interested.  I am very excited to say that Sledcore will be coming to Stephenville – Cold Brook – Jan 25 2020 to offer one of their all-female ride clinics.  I am so happy that I was able to help organize this event and make it happen with the Sledcore team, we have all spaces filled for Stephenville event and a wait list.  I can’t wait to attend this event with the ladies in this area, we will have a blast!

Rider: Sherri Alexander, PC: Mike McCarthy

For the ladies that I met at last year’s riding clinic in Cormack, I have not forgotten all the fun and laughter we had, hoping to see some of you at The Jackladder event on February 8, 2020.  There was so much interest for this year’s ride clinic at The Jackladder, it created a wait list, check it out – Sledcore will be offering an additional clinic for The Jackladder (Feb 9th).  It is amazing to see all the interest that is developing over the female ride clinics.  I love this so much, the Female Backcountry Rider community is growing…See everyone on the snow ladies.

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