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Troy Burt – Giving Forward – 5 Toes Riding

Troy Burt – Giving Forward – 5 Toes Riding

SW: For those that don’t know, give us the really quick recap of who you are, the 2008 accident and how this evolved into you starting and giving back to local charities through 5 Toes Riding?

Troy – Squat Rack

Troy: Hey folks, just a small-town guy from da bay! Got in real bad motorcycle accident almost 12 years ago, broke way too many bones to count, lost my left foot and part of my leg, and broke my neck in four places with plates and fusing. I’m stitched together better than your favorite pair of grandmother’s wool socks! I was lying in a hospital bed with so many questions and nowhere to turn (YouTube wasn’t what it is today) I always wanted to help amputees young and old with any questions they may have or help they may need. I know what it’s like to go from 100 to 0 but luckily I was able to go from 0 to 120, and I want to help people who may need that little kick or advice to get past their fears and get back to their old life and help by donating to Charites that can give people what they need when they need it…as a result, 5 Toes Riding started.

SW: Since starting 5 Toes Riding in 2016, how much impact have you been able to give forward?

5 Toes Riding – Donation to The War Amps

Troy: Since 2016 I’ve been asked to speak at snowmobile shows, schools, at work, in hospital’s and just random people that I meet in my day to day life. I’ve raised $5,450 dollars that I’ve been able to split the donations between The Waramps ($4,350), Canadian cancer society ($600) and Children’s wish ($500).

SW: What have been some of the biggest challenges of starting something like 5 Toes Riding?

Troy: The biggest Challenge was building a name for myself and to have people believe in me. Building a name for myself meant a lot of beat up parts, twisted joints and broken bones. But here I am.  I want people to hear “5 Toes Riding” and think Motivation, Support, Fun and a slight touch of crazy! In ten years, I would love to be doing this full time and be in schools and businesses across the province/country and maybe even bigger than that.  I recall being in the hospital bed and hearing the Staff say “get use to this, your life will be different.”  It made me think that these folks don’t know me, nobody will determine my limitations. From that point, I knew I had to make a difference.


SW: What have been the three biggest business mistakes you have made, but learned from?

Troy and Andrew G Rip’n it up (Sledworthy Ride)

Troy: #1- don’t take your foot off the gas. I had to step back a little in the last three years but I now have a little boy to share my passion with and I can’t wait to spend days on snowmobile and everything else I do with him.

#2- building relationships with the wrong people and paying for it with lost, missing or fooled up orders. Which means orders not being sent on time and needing to redo things (use the people who done right by you and solidify those relationships) align yourself with the right people and the rest will workout.

#3- Maybe I should of took more help on the startup….. No one has all the answers and you should never feel ashamed to ask for help or guidance. Find a mentor who you feel comfortable with and listen to their advice.


SW: What have been the three most rewarding moments since you started 5 Toes Riding?

Troy & Charlie

Troy: #1- My little guy Charlie coming into this world.

#2- winning North America’s top snowmobiler in 2016.

#3- Actually making a name for myself in the snowmobile community around my home province, getting recognized and helping people overcome amputation.


SW: If you were starting 5 Toes Riding from scratch again, what are two things you’d change?

#1- change nothing. Everything is where it needs to be right now. If I were to change one thing then something I have right now would be different. But put %110 into it from this day forward.

SW: What’s on Troy Burt’s bucket list for sledding destination in Newfoundland and Labrador…and North America?

Troy enjoying a day with Evan and Andrew (Sledcore).

Troy: I want to ride at Carl Kuster’s mountain park (CKMP), get into the vast NL backcountry and put my Summit into the snarliest treed slopes I can find.   Andrew from Sledworthy keeps telling me about the Hodges Tree Zone…this is the year I’m getting in there with him.  I’m hoping to also get out for the March 1stSnow Bike Day with the Sledcore Crew.  I’m looking forward to trying one of those Timbersled units.

SW: What would it take for you to consider doing the Cain’s Quest?

Troy: I’ve considered it at least a million times in the past five years but I need a partner that’s as crazy as I am and I know I could trust.


SW: What can folks expect from Troy Burt and 5 Toes Riding this season?

Troy: I’m going to be pushing myself to become a better rider. I want to be smoother, faster and climb higher than I ever did. I can’t wait to meet new people, ride with old friends and just back into what we all love…. SNOWMOBILING!

5 Toes Riding will donate more, support more and be there to help!  You can learn more and order gear at

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