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The Hidden Gems Near Mt. Peyton (Central Newfoundland)

The Hidden Gems Near Mt. Peyton (Central Newfoundland)

Mt. Peyton, one of Central Newfoundland’s best snowmobiling areas hands down.

By Dwight Ings

When headed to Mt. Peyton, I always message my riding buddy Jordan Watkins and ask him to tag along and you better believe his answer is always YES! We like to unload at the beginning of Red Fox Road just off of the TCH near Lewisporte Junction (NL), Whether it’s a day trip or a few nights you will find great riding areas. Gear up because you’re in for some deep snow! roughly 1.5 KM before the end of Red Fox Road you will find a great tree area on the right side across from a big open bog, you can’t miss it! We’ve spent hours playing in that one tree zone, side hills, re-entry’s, wheelies and of course… stuck fest!

After we’re finished in that tree zone we like to head into the Chalet located right on the pole line with Mt. Peyton in front for a great view. After we finish our snacks and chatting with the locals, we like to head into our favourite tree area, when leaving the Chalet follow the main trail that leads to the mountain it’s roughly 1 KM pass the Chalet on the right side, we poke off of the trail and across the bog then shoot into some tight trees and some steep terrain.  Sometimes it’s quite challenging even breaking into this area but once you’re in, you better have a shovel…lol.   There’s been days that we haven’t been able to make it to the top, its been so deep!

After we finish up in that tree zone we head over to Mt. Peyton itself and circle around the base and pick out places to point and shoot.  Side hills and re-entries are a blast on the mountain. After a long, hard day of sledding if we have time we head over to the town of Glenwood at the Moosehead Lounge for some great food and a few games of pool. The service is amazing, everyone is friendly and they love to see riders walk in. If you ask me you can’t ask for a much better place to ride here in Central NL.

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