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Bucket List – Hidden Gem – Snowmobile Museum (Botwood, NL)

Bucket List – Hidden Gem – Snowmobile Museum (Botwood, NL)

Botwood Heritage Society

If you have every had a deviation from your original plans, to only thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your adventure…take the time to pop off the highway (TCH) and visit the Botwood Heritage Society and their vintage snowmobile collection.

1971 Sno Jet
Star engine series: 15 and 19 HP; 39.5 cm track
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1982 Elite Ski-Doo
First introduced in 1982. Sit-in snowmobile has a unique side-by-side design allowing two people to sit side by side. Ski-Doo sold the original Elite from 1972-1982 with a 464 liquid cooled motor.
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1970 Nordic Ski-Doo
Best seller introduced in 1969, comfortable and luxurious. In 1970 Bombardier offered a choice of 3 models. Model 399 had new exterior styling including twin air scoops and walnut-grained console, 2 cylinder rotax engine, 18 inch track and a deeply padded seat.
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1971 Arctic Cat Panther
A wide, stable track tucked under lightweight aluminum chassis for traction and handling stability; skis that tilt in for tight turns; precise handling in all snow conditions; a clutch that is torque sensitive to match power to load exactly; a wrap-around dash board that encloses the engine for safety. All riveted aluminum construction; forward mounted engine; new airflow head design; caliper brakes; tougher more stable skis; lights for safe night riding. :Engineered for safety, durability and easy maintenance.”
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1965 Snow Cruiser
Made by OMC was the first machine to use an opposed twin cylinder engine. This snowmobile was owned by Luff Harrison from Philips Head. He purchased it new from Grand Falls. Joe Byrne had 5 come in a George Stewart had 7. These were the only Snow Cruisers sold that year in Central Newfoundland.
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1970 Snow Cruiser
Manufactured by Outboard Marine Corporation in Peterborough, Ont. Snow Cruisers were fitted with a low rpm high torque, opposed twin 16hp Kohler engine.
The exhaust exited into the tunnel in front of the track. It had bogie wheel suspension. The 20 inch track used cleats with rolled edges that gave ample traction.
Owned originally by Gerald (Bud) Beaton of Peterview
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1973 Johnson Golden Ghost
OMC 437 cc 30 HP; serial #: 028299
“20 inch track is heavy quiet and slow. This machine has the Cadillac reputation but the comfort is not there.” []
Price new: $1525 US
Johnson Motors produced sleds in Illinois from 1964 to 1973
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1967 Alpine Bombardier
Owned by Ken Dean who installed the reverse.
Restored by Arch Rowsell in Ken’s memory

1974 Ski-Doo TNT
340 cc Engine
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1982 Alpine Bombardier
640 cc motor, Hi-Lo gears, Reverse
The Canadian Army used them and painted them flat white. They blended into the snow so well that they were hard to see at a distance. They were also used for pulling wood, grooming trails, and in Northern Ontario, pulling fish huts.
Restored by Arch Rowsell.

1965 Hus-Ski 600.
Original price was $895 bought new from Dominic’s Sales & Services Ltd., Bishop’s Falls by Tom Hancock of Botwood and later in 1968 owned by Arch Rowsell.
Hus-Ski Ltd. of Montreal produced sleds from 1963-1967. The company was bought by Bolen FMC of USA in 1965.
Restored in 2005 by Arch Rowsell.

Moto Kometik Inc. St-Jean, Que.
Received from Walter Dunn of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Licence plate # 05540

1968 Polaris Colt

Alouette 340 Sno-duster
Owned by Mrs. G. Peach. Her husband Ray Peach was the dealer for Alouette snowmobiles for Newfoundland and Labrador

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