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Sledworthy – Request For Proposals

Sledworthy – Request For Proposals

Sledworthy Magazine started in 2005 and proudly represented the Atlantic Canadian snowmobile industry, which specific attention on the Newfoundland & Labrador product. Over the 18-year history of Sledworthy, the NL winter scene was heavily profiled within the North American snowmobile scene and at the apex, Sledworthy Magazine had distribution partnerships with all Maritime snowmobile federations that saw each edition of Sledworthy connecting over 30,000 snowmobile households, it was a very strong value proposition for ventures looking to connect this audience and for snowmobiler households, learning about some of the wonders within Atlantic Canada. Much of this content is presently inventoried at

In 2018, Sledworthy Magazine as a gloss print publication ceased and transformed into a digital experience for fans. Still to this day, folks say they miss the gloss printed Sledworthy Magazines. However, the transition to the digital experience was a survival strategy that has allowed Sledworthy to continue to this point. However, since 2018 Sledworthy has been in a holding pattern. This is where this opportunity exists, as the team behind Sledworthy want to ensure it continues well into the future and continues to proudly represent the Atlantic Canadian snowmobile community.

At the present time, Sledworthy is accepting proposals from interested individuals and/or groups to take over the operations of Sledworthy and suggest the following in parties response to this RFP call:

• The team…why you and your team share the same passion that started Sledworthy back in 2005
• Domain experience…demonstrate you know how to present value to a target audience, kick down doors and talk to clients…this takes work, the sledding part is a bonus
• Your plan…layout the next five (5) years with revenue modelling and the value plan for the target audience (readers) and your target advertising stakeholders – this can be a blend of the digital experience and maybe bringing back some strategically timed print editions of Sledworthy Magazine
• The partnership…how you plan to make this all work, the dynamic nature of this contractional agreement; revenue sharing, injection of necessary capital based on your plan and/or possible buyout via a vesting schedule…all options are being evaluated
• The future…part of this proposal will be ensuring the legacy of the Sledworthy brand…Sledworthy was started based on a shared love for snowmobiling between a father and son and that legacy is key to the current team

Who would be ideal for this?

That’s a tough one…this could be an opportunity for a snowmobile federation, regional tourism group, existing media company or simply a few buddies that want to take their passion for winter, combined with their business acumen, to make this work. The successful proposal will state how much involvement they would require from the existing team…in a transition phase, that would be expected.

The deadline for submissions is Feb 28th (2023). No financial data and/or information will be supplied to interested parties. All submissions will be held in confidence and selected parties might be contacted for a potential candidate presentation/discussion after the submission date.

All submissions will be submitted via email to Andrew Goldsworthy
[email protected]
No phone calls please.

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As a kid, my passion was always snowmobiling. As a bigger kid, my passion is still snowmobiling. I am a positive person. I am enthusiastic about life and challenges, both in my personal and business worlds. My wife Shannon and three kids; Jack, Alaina and Kate are my world. Their understanding in the winter months is admirable…but as the kids get older, I am excited about introducing them to a sport I love to share, snowmobiling. As I have gotten older, I have concluded that technical riding will keep me on the hill or in the trees for a long time. Riding with the Professor (Bret Rasmussen) helped me understand that. However, getting first tracks on a favourite slope really gets me pumped and I still like laying down a good challenge to the younger riders around me.

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