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I'm an avid snowmobiler who grew up on Nfld's west coast and I currently live in Dildo. I have written one article for SW mag (so far) about how snowmobiling was a big part of growing up in Nfld and how my riding has evolved with time. I'm by no means an expert rider but I strive to get better each and every winter. I'm hoping to take part in the Sledcore riding clinics this coming winter to help me push my abilities further than ever. What I love most about snowmobiling is the sense of freedom I get when I'm surfing fresh pow, the beauty of our province under a blanket of snow, and the people I meet while out exploring. I currently own a 2013 Pro RMK 800 155 and it's my pride and joy! I've started wrenching to get ready for the upcoming season and now I'm itching for Mother Nature to bring on the snow! Hope to see you out there!

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