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I think my style of riding would have to be backcountry explorer. I prefer to ride off the beaten track, continuously pushing the limits each time I ride, challenging myself with new terrain that include tight tree lines, deep powder, and steep hills. I wouldn't say I'm a professional rider, but I can hold my own most of the time! I'm not afraid to get stuck trying new things, and I enjoy riding with people who think the same way. The day is not complete until the track has faced the sky at least once! I enjoy writing articles about my snowmobiling adventures; whether they be across the province, across the country, or right in my own backyard where I grew up. I also enjoy writing educational pieces such as choosing the right GPS and the dangers of frost bite. I have been contributing to SW Magazine now for approximately 5 years and have enjoyed every bit of it so far. I'm stoked for another winter of riding and writing with the SW Crew! Bring on the pow!

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