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Growing up on the west coast of NL a love of winter is a necessity, the season is long and the snow is plenty , as such I have been riding snowmobiles for as long as I can remember. Having always loved winter, deep snow and hills I find myself heading to select locations to experience the best that the NL backcountry has to offer. The destinations all share the same core features, friends, snow and scenic terrain. This led me into photography as a means of sharing these experiences with friends and family. The quest to explore and document my sledding experiences has led me into the more technical side of snowmobiling, usually the best photos require accessing remote and difficult terrain. The benefit is twofold, increased confidence and ability to explore the back county, and the stunning views that NL has to offer. This has evolved into writing articles for Sledworthy and Saltscapes magazines. Snowmobiling is my passion, there are never enough trips and the days are never long enough.

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