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Vol.10, Issue 03


Juan Roberts - Budgell’s Sports & Marine Ltd. (Triton, NL) Budgell’s Sports & Marine Ltd. started in 1977 selling outboard motors and Skidoo snowmobiles.   In

For anyone who knows me and my brothers, it’s no surprise that we are a “faster-bigger-louder” bunch of guys. Like many of our sled-friends,

Winter 2015 has been rough on the spirits of passionate snowmobilers from the east coast of the province. Despite the fact that annual accumulated

Every now and again, a product enters the snowmobile market and creates quite the stir.  Lets face it; people are not that into change. 

Flashback to 1992. I was ten years old when my father walked into my bedroom early one winter morning and asked if I could

It seems most riders nowadays have a GoPro. They are versatile little cameras that can be used in many creative ways to capture anything

Every couple of years, I try to get a few of the Sledworthy Magazine writers together for a couple of days of riding.  When

The Lewis Hills are one of my favourite spots to ride in the spring.  Now don’t get me wrong, the place is an absolute