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Vol.11, Issue 01


Until the 2015 snowmobile season, I didn’t even know the Humber River House (The House), located on the northern shore of Deer Lake existed.

Last April, we had the opportunity to finally ride with Troy Burt. We had known Troy for several years but this was our first

For the 2015 snowmobile season I had the opportunity to test the Scott X-RAZE TP (TriPHASE) jacket and pant as well as the Scott

A while ago, I bought a 2009 HCR and she was a bit of a fixer-upper. After some much needed maintenance and clean up

Growing up in Central Newfoundland I had the opportunity to ride snowmobile for up to six months of the year. It was in late

Snowmobile mishaps are always costly mistakes as parts and labour can be quite expensive.  Even the slightest oops can lead to hundreds, if not

Snowmobiling for me has become an escape from the reality of every day routine and often includes enjoying some R&R with some great friends

So what business are you in?  “Winter Tourism Sir”, said the cab driver.  Same question to the lady at the gas station and the

I don’t like being cold on sled. I’m sure many would agree. I’ve done pretty well over the years not being cold except for