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The owner of Frankensled, Randy Eswasko hit the nail on the head when naming the Frankensled “Trail Finder”!  Earlier this season we spent two incredibly deep days venturing

When it was time for me to order a new backpack I decided on the Motorfist Cornice Backpack. In the past I used to jam everything in the

For the past two winter seasons I have utilized a Spot Global Satellite Phone and, just like always wearing a helmet, I don’t think I’d travel the backcountry

For the 2015 snowmobile season I had the opportunity to test the Scott X-RAZE TP (TriPHASE) jacket and pant as well as the Scott Hustle goggles. From deep

A while ago, I bought a 2009 HCR and she was a bit of a fixer-upper. After some much needed maintenance and clean up I began rebuilding the

Snowmobile mishaps are always costly mistakes as parts and labour can be quite expensive.  Even the slightest oops can lead to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to

Today, more so than ever, people across the globe are more passionate and eager to learn about the sport of snowmobiling.  If you’re an active industry follower, you’ve

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That should be the slogan for Habervision Goggles.  I'll admit, when Andrew approached me to demo & review these

In 2008, when I used my snowmobile for everything, including a chairlift for skiing, I came across some incredible products by Cheetah Factory Racing (CFR).  I purchased a