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By Jordan Swyers It feels like only yesterday. Knowing I would be trying out a brand new sled and riding through territory that I had only dream of made

Note: This article was originally published in Sledworthy Magazine (2014).  Picture credit to Sledcore Ride Clinics. By Evan Morgan. [caption id="attachment_7445" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rider: Evan Morgan (2014)[/caption] Ever see pro riders

Like all of us, Danny McDonald has rode many sleds in many different locations

By Donnie O'Keefe December 2016 I purchased two (2) -  2016 Polaris Pro RMK’s, my initial purchase plan did not start with that in mind, but that is where

[caption id="attachment_6969" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rider & PC: Tom Caines[/caption] When you step off the plane in Deer Lake—the hub of snowmobiling in Newfoundland—in February, you’ll notice two things: it’s

EARLY WIN By Michael Maher and photos by Mike McCarthy (Kyody Photo) History of my involvement in Snowmobiling [caption id="attachment_6913" align="alignleft" width="300"] Nov 17-19; Shred Fest - Micael Maher[/caption] Since a young

By Heather Gould [caption id="attachment_6720" align="alignleft" width="203"] PC: Scott Grant of Ronin Photography[/caption] It’s 2018, my wedding dress is bought. My fiancé Steve and I are talking about setting the